Trends in Advanced Call Center Technology

Smith, Emma

Publish: Friday, Nov 01
advanced call center technology

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the world of call centers and customer service experience. Until a few years ago, no one thought about online communications and virtual agents, but in 2019 these two aspects are a reality. Now, we have advanced call center technology.

New advanced call center technology offers a better analysis and faster, more direct conversations. But what is this new technology that are revolutionizing the call center sector?

Web Real-Time Communication

WebRTC technology is a leader in the telecommunications revolution. Web Real-Time Communication is an open-source software developed by Google that allows you to send data, voice and video over a simple internet connection. It uses greater communication stability and voice quality than traditional IP telephony.

Many call centers have already included WebRTC to facilitate their work flow. A call center that works through WebRTC allows you to make and receive calls from any device connected to the internet. That way, agents will only need a mobile phone or computer connected to the internet in order to receive and make calls from the company’s main phone line.

Even for call centers where agents are located in different countries, the call center still works without any issues and from anywhere in the world. All with a simple internet connection.

This technology, in addition to saving on IP telephony costs, promotes new working models, such as teleworking.

Artificial Intelligence

Companies are integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that allow them to optimize user experiences, as well as the operation of the company itself.

This is already used in many businesses. When you first make a call and hear an automated voice that directs you to the right agent, this is DTMF. That way, you are given the best available agent based on their skill set.

However, companies are developing much more advanced systems, such as voice recognition.

It is expected that not many years from now companies, from call centers to any other type of company, will be able to adopt increasingly advanced AI solutions.

Little by little, in call centers, call routing will be faster, optimizing work and resources.


advanced call center technology


Digital Transformation

Companies have always tried to differentiate themselves in price or product quality. Today, however, we are seeing that customers are more often looking for something more: a rewarding experience that leads to a lasting relationship. Customer interactions are no longer stand-alone activities, and customers demand a more complete and consistent experience.

Digital transformation plays a big part in all this. With advances such as unified omnicanal communication and Internet of Things (IoT) communications, a forward-looking digital transformation strategy is key to staying competitive.

But what does this strategy need?

  • Customer experience at the core
  • Use the most appropriate communication channels
  • Collaboration in the team, thanks to internal communications

Improved call center performance analytics

Supervisor panels are more advanced every day: they allow you to know many aspects of the agent, such as their location, number of hours and minutes connected, whether he is on the phone or not, etc.

Call centers can obtain all this data through statistics, as well as in real time. In addition, they are able to listen to calls in real time, as well as participate with them or whisper to the agent.

This and other advanced call center technology makes it possible to improve the customer experience, as well as optimize the company’s resources and improve productivity.

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