Call Encryption with WebRTC

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Mar 22
Category: Technology

Are you concerned about the security of your communications? Are you looking for a way to secure your phone calls and communications but don’t know how?  Discover what call encryption is and how Fonvirtual, through the use of WebRTC technology in all our unified communications solutions, enables professionals and companies of all sizes to communicate safely over the cloud.

Call encryption: what does it mean?

Call encryption is used to secure telephone conversations over the Internet and to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted data. It consists of making data unintelligible or unreadable by transforming the text or message into codes made up of numbers and letters by means of an SRTP (Secure Real Time Transport) protocol, using a 128-bit key. This action is done by algorithms. For example the encryption of “Welcome to Fonvirtual” would be: Fl/hHmHK6tf1Ffqo2HXqwK2L5jwcciiCDnsNqToN2uimrN6FVoV58P0R2yIBFKyeE9u03N

This call encryption protocol guarantees high security: conversations are encrypted and authenticated and the integrity of messages is guaranteed.The conversations on the encrypted phones therefore become impenetrable to third parties.

How to encrypt a phone call?

There are several ways to encrypt a phone call, the most common being using a VoIP service. These services use end-to-end encryption, which means that your calls are encrypted from your device to their recipient without anyone being able to listen in on the conversation.Another way to encrypt calls is to use an application designed for it. These apps use your phone’s data connection to make calls and also encrypt calls end-to-end.


WebRTC Telephony

WebRTC is a technology open source developed by Google that allows real-time communication on the Internet. Thanks to an API, the systems that work with this protocol allow transmit voice and video, and even messages and files, between browsers. All without the need to install any software or plugin.

WEBRTC security: what guarantee does it offer for the encryption of communications?

The WebRTC technology includes a series of functionalities that ensure that communications are carried outin real time, privately and completely securely. The transmission is done through the SRTP protocol and the communication is direct, from browser to browser. The WebRTC technology therefore, does not use external applications or hardware components, and consequently, without the use of these external systems, it is more secure than any other communication system that requires it.

In order to be able to transfer data in real time, the process used is data encryption using the DTLS method (Datagram Transport Layer Security) which consists of encrypting the connections that exist between the different shared applications through the UPD (User Datagram Protocol). With this method ,access to the information by a third party is impossible without prior authorization.

Fonvirtual uses in all unified communications and professional solutions, the WebRTC protocol,which enables it to offer its customers an impeccable security and an efficient system of encrypted phones.

Through its communications platform 100% integrated in the cloud, it is possible to monitor, in a single interface, all communication channels,audio, video, instant messaging and fax. Call encryption and all interactions are done in real time. All of these tools support mobility and enable continuity of activities in situations of mobility or teleworking,as the platform can be accessed from any device and on multiple devices simultaneously.

Stop searching and contact us to know more about our call encryption solutions and get a secure tool that will allow you to offer your customers a personalized, professional and secure attention.


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