A call recorder in business phone systems seems like something related to spy movies in which the CIA agents tapp gangster’s phones in order to find proofs that make them guilty, or to sabotage their evil plan.


On the contrary, nowadays call recorders of business phone systems are not a toy to play good cop or bad cop, but instead it is a terrific useful tool for any kind of company or organization.


The reasons why the call recorder is useful are not related to spying clients or doing something illegal, but on the contrary it is conceived as a way to show transparency and trust.


It allow companies to give a transparency image which generates trust, because it offers clients a proof of their communications with the company. This means the company is not going to alter clients’ testimonials since the call is recorded. Clients’ trust on the company is gained by letting them know before the conversation begins that the call is going to be recorded so they don’t feel betrayed or concerned about this call being used against them.


As a matter of fact, improving the company’s image is not the only reason why companies implement call recorders in their business phone systems, but mainly they do it to improve the quality of customer service. Actually clients are the best consultants a company could have, they know best what companies are doing well and what aspects should be improved.


Perhaps the saying “ Clients are always right” is not always true, but it is true that clients are the ones who detect fails and evaluate if the service satisfy correctly their needs. Due to this, it is fundamental that employees who work at customer service allow clients to express their opinion freely. They must note what are their complaints and what are they happy with as well.

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The call recorder guarantees that no information goes missing. They not only register evident and relevant data but, data that at the moment of the call might not be perceived as relevant but it might be on a future basis. If customer service employees notice that clients agree on the lack of a service they must say it, since it might be a new business opportunity to expand the company’s catalogue and would be smart to call those clients back when that service is available.


The use of a call recorder in business phone systems is not only about recording clients but about recording employees as well. The purpose of this is to analyze and evaluate the performance of the customer service employees. The call recorder enables supervisors to detect any mistake in customer service and in case there is, to inform the employee in order to solve it.

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