Usually, the entrepreneurs when looking for improvements for their companies, they think about big changes, putting aside the small actions. But, as a well-known sentence says: small details the ones that make the difference. The business VoIP services offered by Fonvirtual include, as one of its best features, the call recording. There is no doubt that it could become the star characteristic due to everything it can contribute to the company; however, it is not something one takes notice of when improving the business.

These business VoIP services work with the latest technology: the WebRTC. It’s the new IP telephony which just requires an internet connection through wifi or 4G on your cell phone, and you will be able to speak wherever you want and with HD quality.

Nowadays, this feature, besides being a completely open and legally approved activity, is becoming an almost indispensable factor for corporate success. When one of the basic aspects of your business is the service you give to your clients, the call recording will be your best ally in improving your agents’ efficiency, your clients’ loyalty, and consequently, in increasing your company’s benefits.

Not only the great actions are the one that can make your company grow, so do not miss any detail about the benefits you can enjoy thanks to this feature. Especially for those companies that have a call center, the call recording can be really useful; we tell you why.


Call recording of business VoIP services and its benefits



  • It trains your agents. The call recording allows the supervisor or employees responsible for the business VoIP service to listen to the calls made between the agents and the company’s clients. That way, it is possible to improve the agents’ training the way they will be able to communicate according to determined pieces of advice given to them: from what tone of voice to use in which situation, to how to offer a better service.
  • It recovers important information. Good advice to not forget the information the client tells us during the call is to take notes; however, it can distract you, and you will not pay 100% attention, and you will lose important details. With the call recording, you will be able to listen to and recover all the information you could not write down earlier.
  • It improves customer service. The complaints or other inquiries, made during the phone call, will be perfectly analyzed on the call recording in a more relaxed way. Like that, one can evaluate the problematic areas, efficiency, and the speed of solving these situations. These indicators will make possible the improvement of customer services. Moreover, having licit proofs, thanks to the call recording of something said on the phone, and later denied, is a great way of clarifying doubts, and deal with these situations efficiently.
  • It helps you to get to know your clients. When you play the call recording, you will be able to understand better your clients, and consequently offer them the service that best suits them. Having files with information about your users (weaknesses, what services they are interested in, what information they use to inquire, etc.) will help you to get to know them better, and you will be able to create a good relationship between the worker and the client.
  • It improves your offer. The call recording allows you to listen in detail what your clients feel about a product or service, and how they would like it to be. That way, the team will be able to improve their offer to meet the expectations of the clients.

At Fonvirtual we offer you different business VoIP services that include the call recording feature, the way you can improve your customer service, and your company’s efficiency. The virtual PBX or the call center software are just a few examples.