With the entry into force of the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, most of the companies are modifying and restructuring actions about the use of the data of their clients, and make know what procedures they follow to us it and if they do it legally. Their finality is not other than demonstrate that they enforce legally the established regulation, in order to not be penalized, and conserve the loyalty of their customers. WebRTC extensions can undoubtedly help these companies.


How affects this new law?


Basically, all of the European companies and from other parts of the world that make business with European Union citizens are involved. It has supposed a big change in the data protection law that had been performing until now, forcing those companies to verify if they operate correctly with personal data of their clients.


What GDPR has established is how the information should be stored, used and protected. All of the citizens has now granted all of their privacy rights, and those include knowing who has an access to your personal information and how he use it, rectification and modification thereof, possibility to limit the use of their datas for certain activities, right to be forgotten, portability, consent in an explicit way the storage of their datas, and other claims relationed with their information.

WebRTC extensions

Solutions for the companies


There are a lot of changes that GDPR has brought, but we could say that one of the most important is that now it is up to the companies to demonstrate that they possess and make use of the clients data legally.

That want to say that when an organisation possess information about their clients, either because gained it before the entrance of the new reglament or because has gained it recently under the consent of them, it should be the company which gathered the data, the one that proves with facts and valid documents that the data and information has been acquired legally. The difference basically consists in that earlier, the clients of the company were the ones who were supposed to facilitate proves in order to claim from the company the possession and use of this information.


The people count with the right to ask to eliminate partially or totally their personal data; therefore, the company should fulfil this petition at the moment any person wishes it. For this reason, it’s really important that the companies could access in an easy way to the information that proves that they use the client data in a legal way. But, how could they obtain this information?


The call records of WebRTC extensions is really useful in those cases. By having collected the information of every phone call with your client, at the moment he request you evidences of the data you dispose, you could access that information in an easy and fast way. So, you will be able to demonstrate that the company operates legally and you will dispose of the content of the phone calls.

Don’t take a risk that your organization infringe the new General Data Protection Regulation. Contact Fonvirtual and with our WebRTC extensions we will help you to demonstrate that you work in a legal way. This way, your clients will never felt defraud with your company.

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