Every company that has both outgoing and incoming calls needs to make use of call statistics. Companies need to corroborate that the calls they deal with customers, suppliers and even internally in the same company, meet the objectives and are made effectively. As well as solving all customer concerns. 

We already know that customers are the soul of any business and, if they do not receive the attention they deserve at all times, the company will not succeed. That’s why organizations that care about providing a good customer service experience, will obtain greater benefits in the short and long term: more sales, customer loyalty …

For this reason, it is important to follow the behaviour of the company’s communications system, whether it is a call center software or a virtual PBX. In addition, correcting errors in time and giving the best advice will make you stand out from the competition and create a greater competitive advantage…


Benefits of Call Statistics


Call statistics in call centers are a window to current trends, to improve services and the realities faced by call centers today.

They are a guide for senior management, to understand the incoming and outgoing calls and all the data about them. As well as to improve the impact they have or could have within the competition.

Beyond its meaning in isolation, paying attention to year-over-year fluctuations in call statistics provides companies with valuable business intelligence. They enable a proper assessment of all calls that have been received and issued, leading to more effective decision making on strategic focus, resource allocation and elimination of inefficiencies.


call statistics


How is data measured?


Nowadays, any company that works with a virtual PBX or call center software such as Fonvirtual’s will have directly different call monitoring resources, such as statistics.

These systems will offer you daily reports, or the length of time you want, to know everything about incoming and outgoing calls to the PBX or call center. Therefore, call statistics will be available whenever you want, helping the supervisor to make decisions.

Plus, it’s so easy that you won’t need help from the telecom provider. Instead, you can keep track of everything yourself at any time and retrieve the reports in Word or Excel.


What data does the call statistics collect?


Among the information that can be analyzed with call statistics we have:

  • Missed calls. How many, from which numbers and from which agent.
  • Answered calls. How many, from which numbers and from which agent.
  • Abandoned calls. How many, from which numbers and from which agent.
  • Average waiting times.

The call statistics are able to have quick answers, solve structural and customer service failures. In addition, they allow us to know what is the quality of the service that we are giving.

However, one of the main disadvantages is trying to combat with long waiting times that ultimately ruin the customer experience. Offering a callback to waiting customers not only improves consumer perception, but also reduces abandonment rates. This makes callback solutions beneficial to all call centers.

It is important to consider that a positive experience undoubtedly leads to better customer retention, higher sales and revenue.

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