If you are located in the United States, making a phone call to someone located in the U.S. is very easy. When you call someone locally, there are typically no additional costs. But what if you are located in a different country and want to call someone in the U.S.? Prices suddenly go up significantly.


However, with Fonvirtual, there’s no need for these extra costs when it comes to calling someone who is located abroad. You can sign up for an international virtual phone number. This means you can choose a phone number that uses a country or area code other than your own. You can even choose which cities you would like for your phone number to be from. That way, if you decide to call the U.S. from another country, you can do so using a United States phone number at no additional costs.


So how do you call the US from another country?


If you decide to call a number outside of your country, you will have to enter the country code first, followed by the area code and then their phone number. For example, if you are located in Europe and want to call someone in the United States, you will have to enter +1. If the city they are located in is Miami, then their phone number will likely begin with 305. So, the number number you enter in order to make a call will look something like this:

+1 305 xxx xxxx (replacing the x’s with the rest of their phone number.)


I have a virtual phone number from Fonvirtual, can I call the US?


Yes! You can call the U.S. from any phone number. But if you would like no additional international fees per minute when you call, we recommend choosing a United States phone number.


So how do I call the US from another country, with no additional costs?


If you have a virtual phone number from the United States, then you can call anyone from the U.S. without having to enter the country code. This means that you will only need to enter the area code, followed by the rest of their phone number. For example, if they are located in Miami, the number you would enter would simply be:

305 xxx xxxx (replacing the x’s with the rest of their phone number.)

It’s that easy!


When you call from a virtual phone number from the United States, the person you are calling will not know what country you are located in. However, they will see that you are calling from a United States phone number.




Why do I need a phone number from the United States?


The United States currently has a population of 327.2 million people and counting. They hold the third largest population by country in the world. If you are looking to expand your market, starting in the United States is ideal.


If you ever wanted to expand your business to an English-speaking market in general, having a phone number from the United States is key. If you want to be able to speak with your clients or have potential customers reach you from the United States, then a U.S. phone number allows them to call you without the fear of international fees.


Not only will you be able to expand your market significantly, but you will also give your company a multinational, global appearance. Your business will look far more professional and established if customers are able to call you from different phone numbers from different parts of the world.


There’s no need to build an office in Ireland, the United States, China, etc. in order to reach their market. Now, with international virtual phone numbers, they can reach you easily and feel a sense of security knowing that they won’t be charged extra for the call.


How does a virtual phone number work?


With Fonvirtual, we offer virtual international phone numbers from over 35 countries. These phone numbers are considered “virtual” because you can use them entirely virtually. This means that you do not have to be tied down to a landline phone in order to make a call. You can use your cell phone to make and answer calls through an app, or make and receive calls from a website using any web browser.


Aside from phone numbers, we also offer web conferencing online using the latest WebRTC technology. Unlike Skype, WebRTC allows you to make video conferences online without having to download or install any desktop application. Simply open up the web conference on any web browser and begin your meeting.


In 2020, you are no longer tied down to a physical office, taking calls from a desk phone. You can work remote by making conference calls, saving you money on flights. By using virtual phone numbers from any country, you can reach customers around the world without having to build offices overseas.


Not only is it significantly cheaper to expand your market, it is also now easier than ever.



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