How call transcription will enable you to improve your customer service and sell more


Call transcription or Speech to text is a technology that allows, in real time, to convert audio into text. Applicable to any field or level, it finds its maximum utility in professional communications in companies.

Within completely cloud communication software such as virtual switchboards and call center software, transcriptions complement other functionalities that help management such as call recordings. Similarly, it provides agents and supervisors with an easier and faster way to analyze the information obtained from calls.

When we look at how it can help both in the sales process and in customer service, call transcription allows agents to quickly and accurately review the content of the conversation with the customer. Unlike what happens with a recording, the transcription itself allows a “diagonal” reading of the content of the conversation, being much more surgical when extracting what we were looking for from the conversation.

What specific utilities can we extract from transcribing telephone calls?

End of the language barrier: attend in any country

The possibility of transcribing calls is not only limited to Spanish (or any other native language of the company) but to many other languages. We are talking about two very specific utilities: On the one hand, the case of the agent who, while answering the call, will be able to see transcribed in real time in the original language what the caller is saying. Let’s suppose that the agent speaks English well but is confronted with someone with a very peculiar accent; the possibility of being able to count on the support of the call transcription while talking to the client will generate a great value for the better attention he can offer him.

On the other hand, let’s imagine the user who doesn’t speak the language. In a model where the dialogue by voice will be somewhat slower, you will be able to see transcribed (and translated) what the client tells you and, in turn, you will be able to speak in their language and have the system do the reverse procedure (text to speech). and translate for the client.

Improved efficiency in customer service

The possibility of being able to read what has been said in the conversation makes the whole process of information gathering and consultation much faster. We can detect the words that seem key to us or that sounded familiar to us from the conversation and retrieve them easily.


Analysis of data

Thanks to the possibility of detecting any content of the conversation itself converted into words, this opens up a universe of possibilities for analysis. What questions do they ask us most often? How often do they tell us words like “problem”, “incident” or “return”? What sales stage are my sales representatives capable of reaching if they almost never say the word “euro”? Do my customer service agents offer the possibility of doing a “satisfaction survey”?

Not only can we identify the calls in which these types of words or phrases occur that may be key to our business, but we can put it in context with the rest. It will allow us to extract kpis of the type “Only in 0.1% of my calls does the word bad or bad appear”.

Improve User Experience and resolve issues

The ability to be so reactive thanks to call transcription and due to the possibility of analyzing the data much more precisely, we can achieve a better user experience in our customer service.

Similarly, the team’s ability to solve problems increases.

Transcription of telephone calls will allow us to raise both our customer service and our sales processes to another level.

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