A WebRTC call center will improve the quality of communication between a company and its customers.

Every company knows that its success depends, to a great extent, on the quality of communication it maintains with its clients. That is why innovating in the business telecommunication system and using a WebRTC call center can improve the productivity of the company.

Although traditional fixed telephony systems have fulfilled this role for decades, they are unable to respond to today’s demands. They are inflexible and involve high maintenance and installation costs. For this reason, many companies now bet on call center software with WebRTC.

With VoIP WebRTC in your company’s telecommunications system, you will be able to enjoy a modern technology that does not need new equipment or additional installations, freeing up office space.

Your WebRTC call center can also offer advanced features such as automatic call transfer to another phone, transcription of voice calls to email, and integration with existing platforms and software.


The features of the WebRTC and WebRTC call center


WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a medium developed by Google (which is the improved IP telephony version) that allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet, rather than through a traditional fixed line.

It is, nowadays, a necessary and effective communication tool for companies, since we all have easy access to the Internet through any device that allows it, which gives more flexibility to the work.

The possibility of using the WebRTC wherever you want and with a wide range of devices that allow Internet connection (computers, mobiles, tablets …), helps companies get better conditions to serve their customers, saving money, effort and gaining efficiency.




And why a call center with WebRTC?


A WebRTC call center is a telecommunications system that allows you to make and receive a large number of telephone calls that are made, as we have already seen, by WebRTC, that is, through the Internet.

Call centers are known for the large volumes of calls they receive and emit with workers who are dedicated to it. WebRTC call centers allow companies to manage customer service in a productive and efficient way, thanks to the many advantages it offers.

In the past, only large companies used this call center service due to the costs involved. But now, thanks to WebRTC, a small or medium business can perfectly afford this service to give support and assistance to their customers.

Before starting to use a WebRTC call center, it is important to know the volume of calls made or received by the company. This will allow you to choose the right service and get the most out of it, as well as choosing the number of people who will dedicate themselves to it.

The WebRTC call center also offers many functionalities that will make your work more efficient. These include, thanks to the IVR, the possibility of automatically distributing the calls that enter according to a set of predetermined capabilities to each agent (languages, skills …) or depending on whether any of them is busy with another phone call or inactive. In this way, the IVR categorizes and distributes calls to provide a service that satisfies all customer needs.


The calls of your company with a WebRTC call center


This telecommunications system for companies and freelancers allows you to make and receive hundreds of calls a day, depending on the job.

Fonvirtual, a provider of WebRTC call center, offers you a quality service in which your agents can connect from wherever they want and make calls from any device connected to the Internet. In addition, with all the extensions you need.

A call center without having to invest in installations, IP phones or equipment. An easy and simple call center with which your agents will work, thanks to its simple interface and predictive administration.

These are just some of the functionalities of Fonvirtual’s WebRTC call center, but if you click here you can discover many more.

Contact Fonvirtual to give a quality service to your customers and always give them the attention they need in an easy and economical way. Our agents will advise you and make a personalized budget according to your needs.


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