Since the invention of the telephone, calls have been the most useful form of communication of all. Over the years, technology has evolved to add more attributes to this tool, reaching calls via Internet.

Today there are many types of calls and many ways to make them. The Internet – the technological phenomenon of the 21st century has managed to extend the reach of “telephone” calls to include video and voice calls over the Internet.


What are calls via Internet?


These calls are possible thanks to WebRTC technology. RTC stands for Real-Time Communication, and is a type of open source technology developed by Google that is responsible for transmitting information over the Internet, whether voice, video, text …

WebRTC Internet calls differ from the rest by the stability of communication and ease of access they have, since the Internet is a medium to which everyone has access today.

This type of calls through the network began their popularity with tools such as Skype. Google realized the need to improve this software to offer it to its users, expanding its benefits.

The great advantage of this type of calls is that only an Internet connection is necessary and, therefore, no special IP devices, expensive installations or SIP Trunks are required.

These calls via Internet only need one application and one user for you to use them. In addition, they can be used from anywhere in the world and with any of your devices connected to the Internet.


Calls via Internet thanks to WebRTC technology


Benefits of the calls via Internet for your business


The great benefit of this type of calls is the flexibility of use they provide.

A few years ago, calls were restricted to country borders. In the case of long-distance calls, they were not always stable and the service had a very high cost.

Calls via Internet with WebRTC can be made from anywhere with a network connection. They do not have the additional costs of telephone line operators. In other words, you can live in Madrid and call your partner in New York or get support from the support team of a company that operates in China, in an easy and simple way.

Thanks to this type of calls, the borders to communicate at great distances have disappeared. The process is simpler and more accessible.

For companies, Internet calls via WebRTC represent a great facility for hiring staff. Your technical support or customer service team can be made up of people from different locations working from their own homes. For example, a company based in Barcelona may have employees from all over Spain and even around the world, without the need to invest in offices in each location, as they can do the work with Internet access from home.

Without looking for it, this type of technology created employment and recruitment opportunities in the telework market, as well as in the international labour market.

Another great benefit of Internet calls via WebRTC is that they do not require telephone numbers. This is a huge step forward, as services like WhatsApp still use phone numbers for their users. The WebRTC requires only one application, one user, and an Internet connection. With this, you will be able to communicate with whoever you want, whenever you want.


How to get a WebRTC internet calling service


At Fonvirtual, we offer our WebRTC internet calling service, which also has very useful tools and a very competitive price.

You can port your phone number to Fonvirtual’s WebRTC technology or choose a new one from the region or country of your choice.

The service offered by Fonvirtual includes features such as voicemail, call recording, statistics, voiceovers, etc. However, it highlights the HD quality of your calls. In that sense, the software developed by Google stands out for its stability.

Be sure to choose the best calls via Internet service to make your company advance in its digital communications.


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