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card payment solutions

Globalization is allowing businesses to grow at a scale larger than ever before. In order to grow a business at a global scale, an easy card payment solutions is very important. Transactions over the phone is becoming one of the most popular payment methods among customers and clients. Customers can easily pay their bills by using their card and no cash. On the other hand, businesses also enjoy making purchasing using a card because it is easier and more convenient than cash. By taking digital payment over the phone, transactions are processed quickly and safely. For businesses to grow, they need efficient payment options such as paying over the phone. Quick and easy transactions are what make customers the happiest.


How to Take Card Payment Over the Phone:


Thanks to the possibility of making payments over the phone, any issues with online transactions have been solved. As a business, if you would like to take cashless payment over the phone, you will need to sign up with any company which provides such a service, such as Fonvirtual. After you sign up, the company will provide you with a virtual terminal for your secure transactions. You can make deposits and credits easily through the phone with the following steps:

1. Log into your payment provider account and select the correct option for the type of transaction. It is usually called a “Virtual Terminal”

2. Following the on-screen instructions, you will then be asked to enter your card number, the expiration date, and the security code. The three-digit security code can be found near the signature strip on the back of your card, or is sometimes listed on the front.

3. Because the card holder is not physically present during the transaction, entering a pin is not possible over the phone. Because of this, you will need to provide additional security information, such as:

    • The cardholder’s name as it appears on the card
    • The cardholder’s postal code
    • The door/house number of the cardholder’s address

4. After entering your information, click on the “Submit” or “Complete transaction” button. You may be asked a few more security questions. Answer the questions. Keep your customer on the phone until they give you the required information. Keep a record of the customer’s email during the phone conversation to ensure that they had a successful transaction.

5. Once the payment is complete, ask your customer how they would like to receive the receipt. You can send the receipt through email, text, or give them a printed copy of the receipt along with the products the customer ordered.

People often question whether taking card payments over the phone is secure. Don’t worry. This card payment solutions provides the best security protection and follows the latest security protection guidelines.


card payment solutions


The Latest Payment Protection




By checking the AVS/CV2, this helps protect against fraud. AVS stands for Address Verification Service. CV2 is the 3 or 4-digit security code found on most cards printed on or near the signature strip. AVS and CV2 security checks ensures that the business and the customers are guaranteed a safe transaction without the risk of fraud. Card payment solutions are key.

PCI Level 1 Secure


Your business will be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant if you are using PCI Level 1 Secure. Customer’s details remain safe and secure when they pay through this gateway.

SSL Certified


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certified is undoubtedly the most secure way to pay. Through the use of a virtual terminal, transactions with a secure connection will make the payment secure.



Dealing over the phone makes the business easy and convenient, which in return is expanding the business to the furthest corner of the world. Card payment solutions makes this transaction over phone secured, fast, and hassle-free. Significantly, the percentage of the consumption of card payment solutions have been increased. Every day a lot of companies are applying for this solution to do a secure transaction over the phone.

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