Years ago, communications were made through a switched telephone network. Now, thanks to central virtual IP, calls can be made via the internet. One of the advantages of communication via the internet is the cost of calls. Calling abroad with a traditional telephone can be very costly, which is not the case with internet calls.

The birth of the internet and central virtual IP systems has made it possible to transform the field of communication.


What is a central virtual IP?


IP stands for Internet Protocol. This corresponds to a private branch exchange that uses Internet Protocol to manage a company’s telephone calls.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a telecommunications technology that allows voice to be transmitted over a network.


The central virtual IP is based on VoIP technology. This technology allows the company to have a multitude of additional features compared to a traditional switchboard. This includes automatic call distribution, call recording, automatic messages, etc.


The advantages of using a central virtual IP 


The first advantage of a central virtual IP is that it can easily be adapted to the number of telephones in your company.


On the other hand, the configuration of an IP phone system is fast and efficient. It has a web configuration interface that allows you to make settings yourself in a simple way. This is different from traditional phone systems, where only those who have performed the installation can perform configurations.


In addition, the use of a central virtual IP guarantees that you will save money. By making calls via the internet, you have no additional costs. Even if they are calls to foreign countries. The VoIP service provider opens up all borders.


In addition, an IP phone system will allow you to give a very professional image to your company, thanks to its advanced features. Automatic call distribution, configurations, operating hours, etc.


Finally, calls made using voice over IP are known for their HD quality!


If you need a business phone solution, choose Fonvirtual! Benefit from a telephone network without any hardware installation or maintenance. The service works with the internet.


Easily install your network on your computers and make unlimited calls!




The Fonvirtual phone network


If you choose Fonvirtual’s services, you will benefit from new WebRTC technology. This is the evolution of Voice over IP. You will have a complete network with all the features mentioned above, without the need to install any type of software. Simply connect to your interface on your computer or phone to start making calls.


Fonvirtual offers you the best phone service working with WebRTC. Let us know what features you want for your service and we will put everything in place for you.


You will also have access to the platform and can make the configuration changes you want.


Any time, any way you want! Our technicians will be able to help and guide you so that you can enjoy a personalized service in complete peace of mind.


Manage your communications professionally by choosing a central virtual IP. Not only will you be able to make international calls at no extra cost, but you will also benefit from a range of very useful features and a successful telephone reception. Have music for callers on hold, interactive voice services, call transfer, remote voice mail and more!


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