Chatbots to Improve Customer Service: The Fonvirtual Solution


Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Jun 26

Customer service has evolved significantly thanks to the integration of new technologies. One of the most prominent tools in this area are chatbots for customer service, computer programs designed to simulate human conversations and assist users in real time. At Fonvirtual, we understand the importance of offering exceptional service, which is why we have developed chatbots to improve customer service integrated into our virtual switchboard that can connect with a web service and make data queries to other systems. Next, we will explain what chatbots are, the differences with virtual agents, and the advantages of using customer service bots.


What are Chatbots?


Chatbots are software applications that use artificial intelligence to interact with users via text or voice. These programs are designed to understand and answer questions, provide information, and perform specific tasks, such as booking an appointment or resolving common technical problems. Chatbots work using natural language processing (NLP) to interpret queries and generate appropriate responses.


Chatbots vs. Virtual Agents


Although often used interchangeably, chatbots and virtual agents have key differences. Chatbots focus on specific, routine tasks, such as answering frequently asked questions or performing automated actions. On the other hand, virtual agents are more sophisticated and designed to handle more complex interactions, using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt and improve over time. 


Advantages of Using Chatbots in Customer Service


  1. 24/7 Availability: Real-time customer service bots are available at all times, offering instant assistance without having to wait for a human agent to be available.


  1. Efficiency: Chatbots can handle multiple queries simultaneously, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.


  1. Consistency: They provide consistent and accurate responses, eliminating the variability that can occur with human agents.


  1. Reduced Costs: Implementing chatbots can significantly reduce operational costs by reducing the need for a large customer service team.


  1. Data collection: Chatbots can collect and analyze data from customer interactions, providing valuable information to improve services and products. In addition, they can send all this information to a CRM or Helpdesk.



The Fonvirtual Solution


In Fonvirtual, we take customer service to the next level with our chat service that includes step-to-voice and video. Our virtual PBX not only allows for the integration of chatbots, but also facilitates the seamless transition from a text conversation to a voice call or video conference. This ensures that if a query requires more personalized attention, the customer can speak directly with a human agent on the same channel, without interruptions or platform changes.


Cases of improvement in customer service with Chatbots


In the banking sector, the use of chatbots integrated into the web chat of a virtual switchboard has revolutionized customer service. Financial institutions have implemented these systems to offer immediate responses to frequent queries, such as account balances, recent movements and interest rates. This automation has not only significantly reduced wait time for customers, but has also freed up human agents to handle more complex cases, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Another example may be in telecommunications companies. They have also experienced a notable improvement in their customer service thanks to the chatbots integrated into their virtual switchboards. These bots can quickly resolve common technical issues, guide users through device setup, and handle requests to change plans or additional services. By providing instant assistance and reducing the need for human interventions for routine tasks, companies have seen a decrease in call volume to their support centers and increased customer loyalty.

In the field of e-commerce, chatbots in virtual switchboards have transformed the online shopping experience. These systems are designed to help customers find products, track orders, and process returns efficiently. The ability of chatbots to handle multiple queries simultaneously has allowed online stores to maintain a high level of customer service even during peaks in demand, such as holiday seasons. This improvement in customer service has resulted in greater customer satisfaction and an increase in retention rates.

Chatbots to improve customer service represent a powerful tool to optimize customer service, and at Fonvirtual we are committed to offering the most advanced and efficient solutions on the market. With our virtual switchboard and the switch to voice and video chat, we ensure that each interaction with the customer is fast, efficient and personalized, elevating the customer experience to new levels of excellence.

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