As a director of a company, it is understandable that your first and last concern is to increase your turnover through sales growth. However, how can you achieve this goal in a world where there is so much competition and where it is necessary to be updated in all aspects that emerge with the digital transformation? A cloud based PBX is the solution.

The cloud based PBX or virtual PBX has been designed to facilitate the work inside any business. Using it is an advantage for companies. Thanks to advances in technology, those responsible have been able to invest in other variables that are essential for the good development of society.

The beginnings of any small company can pose numerous challenges and difficulties, particularly in the configuration of the professional telephone system. For businesses of all sizes, telephone systems are extremely important. They are the main point of contact between companies, customers and business partners.

For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure that your small business phone system is the best choice for all communication needs. For many, finding the best professional phone system, such as the cloud based PBX, can be a difficult task, because they often don’t know exactly what to look for.


Mobile phones with the cloud based PBX


Mobile phones are an integral part of the equipment of companies, from the smallest companies that offer services locally to the largest that work internationally. Whatever they do.

Sometimes, the employee of a company is not in the office for whatever reason, because it is commercial, because it has a meeting outside, and so on. In this way, mobile phones are a good solution for communicating with them.

The advantages of having mobile phones are innumerable, and the problems that existed before their appearance were unbearable. Its use helps to improve productivity, mobility, safety and the good work of employees.

Among the advantages of its use is the ability to work from home. Use your phone from your own home enjoying more functionalities than those provided by a landline phone. The mobile phone allows you to work from anywhere and with the same quality as if you were in the office, being able to talk to customers and suppliers, improving service and mobility. Its use will result in a good image for you and for the company, positively influencing productivity.


Advantages of using Fonvirtual’s cloud based PBX


PBX (Private Branch Exchange) means a professional telephone system. Professional phone systems offer essential voice functionalities that businesses need to manage their daily communication activities. There is a wide variety of virtual PBXs, although today most companies exploit the Internet to send voice and video communications.

With the wide variety of virtual PBX offerings, it can be difficult to choose which one offers the best quality. To do this, it is important to look at which companies offer solutions adapted and customized to the requirements of your business.


cloud based PBX


Most professional telephony systems offered on the market specialize in large companies and are not flexible to companies of another category. Consequently, these systems often do not meet the needs of all organizations, especially those seeking quality and differentiation thanks to these telephony services integrated into their company.

However, the telecommunication services offered by Fonvirtual are based on quality. Its wide variety of services (call center software, virtual number, cloud based PBX, click to call, fax online, etc.) are adapted to companies of all sizes. This means that when you look for the best professional telephone system for your company, you will undoubtedly find one that suits your needs.

Thanks to the multitude of tools and functionalities offered by Fonvirtual’s cloud based PBX, you will be able to find the solution to many of your company’s operations. The best professional telephone system is the one that increases productivity and allows your company to find new business opportunities.

A phone system for a small business should be easy to use as well as offer the best possible experience for both customers and employees. That’s why cloud based PBX is possibly the best phone system for your business.

It is important to have a cloud based PBX in your company and therefore you must choose the best option that suits the type of company. Contact us and our agents will recommend customized solutions.