When you need reliable phone call management and the time to make a choice has arrived, it is not always that easy to find the best operator of business telephony you could have. Among this article, we are going to expose what are the requirements that will allow you to take the most adapted solution for your business.


It is well known that when making a choice, we always want the best solution at the best price, then we search, we compare, we go though many web pages in order to be 100% sure. Nevertheless, it keeps on being hard to know what elements will determine which company is the best operator. From the range of technologies offered to the quality of the customer support service, the purpose of this post is to help you in your searching quest across the example of Fonvirtual.


Pay attention to the services offered to choose the best operator

Corporate telephony operators can offer different products or services, the fact is that a company that has a wide range of solutions is synonymous with adaptability and listening to the needs of each of its customers. For instance, a virtual telephone switchboard would be the best solution for a company within a full teleworking context, this service based on WebRTC allows to answer phone calls simply with an internet connexion on any kind of device.


Virtual telephony can be completed with a multitude of features helping companies to manage their call center easily just like the configuration of availability according to those of your agents or like the payment by credit card, 100% secure and PCI certified. Those possibilities allow us to realize that the operator adapts itself to any kind of business.


Let us now imagine that your business is a big one with additional needs, like a free phone number or international phone number. A company just as Fonvirtual will be able to adapt to you thanks to our large range providing your business on one side WebRTC virtual telephony and also your special number.


Customer service that listens

Another criteria that can make a difference at the point of choosing the best operator for telephony is the quality of its customer care. Whether it deals with an issue or a change in the subscribed offer, if we listen and we know you, it is a differentiation factor. At Fonvirtual, we do listen to you thereupon you need, you are taken in charge fast and your request is met as soon as it is possible.


Our customer care is also international, we can manage any demands, whether they come in English, Spanish or French, we would be able to understand what is your need. It can be seen as a subtil thing, but it shows that the company has risen up to an international development demonstrating, consequently, that the operator is structured and that the service proposed is qualited. 


Is engagement a compromise?

One of the important features to pay attention to when finding out over profesional telephony offers, is the duration of the commitment. We might consider that a company that provides its services without any compromise of engagement proves that they are convinced about the quality of their services and about fulfilling their customers’ needs.


Si you still have doubts following this criteria, please find out confirñed customer opinion that can be found on verified official websites. Most of the time, those opinions are realistic and allow us to get an external point of view from what we can read.




The development of new solutions 

Innovation never stops, thus, there is always something that can be useful. The search for new products or services is a guarantee of attention for the customers, the operator wants to ensure the best for its collaborator activity development.

WebRTC Technology 

In our example of a business telephony company, we have chosen not to use traditional IP voice because an innovation has come to replace it : WebRTC which reduces cuttings while providing HD quality sound.

CRM Integration

Among Fonvirtual, we provide to our customers an integration of their call center into their customer file management software: the CRM. Moreover, it works whether you operate with Hubspot, Zoho, Zendesk or any other softwares, we adapt to your needs. It gives the opportunity to improve the quality of the answer of your agents who can look directly at all the pieces of information available about the client on the phone. This functionality also allows to unify the information treatment among all of the departments that have access to completed data so as to know better your customer. Finally, thanks to the WebRTC technology, your customer files are available at every moment and everywhere. 

Click to Call

Have you ever heard about “Click to Call”? It is a solution that allows a client or a potential one to get in touch with one of your agents just by clicking on a button located on your website. This option allows you to answer the questions fastly so that you can arouse your future client curiosity. 

Artificial Intelligence and call center

Nowadays we hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence that can be useful in any field, indeed, it is already the case for virtual telephony to optimise the management of your ressources and soon, what we call “callbots” will improve the scheduling of your agents enabling them to focus on other tasks that require more attention.


Finally,  during your quest for telephony solution suppliers to support your activity, you will have to be aware of all the criteria that have been stated so far above that are, according to us, the most important ones. Maybe we have manage to persuade you, and in this case, you can visit our web page to have a clearer view on what Fonvirtual propose. 

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