The enterprise is as great as great are its employees. For that reason, if you are thinking about building a call center software, you have to choose carefully every single call center agent. It might seem unimportant, and you might think that is a job that whoever can do, but this is not true. It requires some special skills and you should keep it in your mind while creating a team of call center agents.


Build your team of call center agents

At Fonvirtual we are experts on everything related to telephony and we want to share with you some pieces of advice on how to create an effective team of call center agents.

  • Create a multidisciplinary team. Being good at everything implies being great at nothing. While making recruitment you should think about the different skills you need to find, and then choose a person who could become an expert on a thing. Then, thanks to our ACD technology (Automatic Call Distributor) your calls will be automatically directed to the most indicated person. You just need to create the profile of each of your agent and evaluate their skills. Our call center software will know who is the right person to attend each call. 


  • Speed matters. One of the most important characteristics you should consider while choosing the right call center agent is, how fast can he or she solve the clients’ problems without losing the quality. Faster they can do it, more satisfied customers you will have. Most of the people who are calling call center will give up if they have to wait too long. But, since it is almost impossible to have all phones answered by only one call center agent, at Fonvirtual we offer you a call forwarding, so when one agent is not available at the moment, it will be directly transferred to another one. 



  • Flexibility. Other important skill your call center agent should have, is the flexibility to respond to the different type of clients. He or she should be able to talk with customers with different personalities, especially should know how to handle angry customers who can be really problematic. But, if you are having the same client arguing for no reason over and over again, you can make the life of your agents a little bit easier and put that client’s number on the blacklist, and we will take care of remaining those call on the permanent queue. Remember that the time of your agents is precious and sometimes it is better not to answer the phones from clients who are not worth it. 


  • Organization. Make sure that your call center agent is well organized. It is really important since he or she will have to be able to do several tasks at the same time. At Fonvirtual we also can help you with that. With our intuitive interface, your agents will have all the information they need in one place. And the fact that we offer an IP call center makes possible to answer the phone on the computer, so they will have their hands free to do other things, like checking the CRM, at the same time. Also, the supervisor will have an access to statistics, so he will know the effectiveness of each agent.


  • Take care of your international clients. If you have clients from another country you should make sure that you have agents who can attend them in their languages. Even though English has become an international language, there are still a lot of people who cannot speak it. If you cannot find a right agent to cover less popular languages you can always hire someone from a distance. With our cloud-based call center services, your agents will not need to be physically present in the office. They can answer the phones from their own cell phones, tablets or computers. At Fonvirtual we also give you the opportunity to set greetings in different languages and we can provide you an international number from the country you want, so your foreign customers will call you more likely.  


  • Supervise your call center agent. Once you build your team it is not over and you should control your agents’ job. For that reason at Fonvirtual we give you some really good features that can help you with that task. You will get a call transcription or call recording, you can listen to calls on live and “whisper” to your agent if needed, you can exchange intern messages on chat with your agent or even make a 3-way calling. It is really useful when you have new agents who are still learning and might need your help.

To sum up, it is really important to choose smartly your call center agents since they are going to be the bridge between the company and the clients. But it is also really important to have a technology that will support them to achieve their goals. You can check more the features that Fonvirtual provides you at our website.



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