Let us get started by looking at a few of the many features that you get when you choose to go with a virtual PBX phone system. Yes, they are all very important and yes, you would like to consider what does make the most sense for your organization when you are in the process of choosing a virtual PBX provider.


  • Phone Menus

You do not want your customer or your client to be dreading to call you, wondering if they will be put on a long hold or will be constantly directed to some wrong department. With the simple menus that you now have available with your VoIP technology, you can now direct the calls from anyone to right where they should be at.

  • Auto Attendants

How do you plan to manage if there is no one around to take the call? Do you really want your client or your customer to keep waiting around? You do understand that when you do pick up the phone, all you will get is complaints about the long wait times. Auto attendants can do the job of directing your clients to the answering machines or they can provide them with the necessary information to either call back or they may even tackle some specific problems on their own.

  • Call Forwarding, Queuing, Recording

Call queuing allows the users to wait on the line while you are busy talking to someone else, rather than having them to hang and have to call back again. Call forwarding helps you in directing the customer or the client to some other number so that if you are not in the office, you can still stay in constant contact. Call recording is just what it says it is. It helps you to record the calls and save them as digital files. If you can combine this with a CRM system, you could potentially create a very advanced customer or client database.

  • Conference Bridging

Setting up a conference bridge allows a large number of people to participate on the same phone call. If you were working with traditional phone service, it would not allow more than 3 people to be on the call at the same time. A VoIP call can hold hundreds of people at the same time. This is definitely hugely practical for enormous organizations, but surely being able to speak with more than 2 people at a time can also be a luxury for others.




How to Choose a Virtual PBX Provider


There are lots of options for choosing which virtual PBX provider will be the best in your case. Here are some criteria for you to consider:


  • Costs Involved


Costs are usually low since the network that will be used by the phone system is already in place. If you decide to go for add-ons, it will bring the price up but it still will be nothing when you compare it to having an internal IT team. Even if you are establishing a large business and you need to red do the entire office to support a VoIP system, your costs should stay lower.


Virtual PBX systems always gain the upper hand in the longer run. The initial costs could run high if you a large business as you will need expensive routers which can smoothly support the system requirements. However, if you are on the smaller side, your costs will be minimal. Once you are all geared up, you do not have to do the hard work anymore, it all has been outsourced to the virtual PBX  provider. This means there is no maintenance fees to be paid or additional devices to buy.


  • Quality and Reliability of the Network


Reliability of the network is extremely important for various reasons. Your Virtual PBX phone system completely depends on the reliance of your network. If the router cannot handle the workload o of a Virtual PBX system, you may not be able to get the most out of the service. If the network crashes, you lose access to all your phone. So, regardless of the size, the network reliability is a top priority.


  • Features Included


Virtual PBX systems will come with a lot of features all related to what you can do for your company. You need to know your business before you start paying for features you may not need. That will help you in avoiding some common cloud migration missteps. If you happen to be a small business, conference calls might not be your thing. If you get lots of voicemails, look into a system that organizes them and makes them easily accessible.


  • Support Options


You want to make sure that your virtual PBX  provider has good customer support. Many vendors offer great options, but you want someone who is really determined to resolve any problem that arises on the first call.


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