When the company decides it is the right moment to get rid of obsolete traditional telephony and start looking for an IP telephony provider, it is because they realize how many benefits it brings. There is no doubt: it will help to reduce the costs, improve customer support and give the possibility of working from wherever you want. Any person who has ever heard about this system will be sure about these advantages. But, when it comes up to choose the right IP telephony provider, it is not that clear anymore which characteristics we should keep in mind and what are the differences between one offer and another. Let us explain that for you.


SIP vs. WebRTC. The correct IP telephony provider

The first question you have to make is whether the company offers you the SIP or WebRTC. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows you to create, modify and finalize the multimedia sessions with one or more participants, and it used to be a standard for the IP telephony. However, in the fight between SIP and WebRTC, you can be sure the WebRTC would win in the first round. WebRTC is an open source project backed up by Google, Mozilla and Opera and, unlike SIP, it is native for most of the browsers. It will work perfectly, without the need of buying any additional device. What is more, it adapts perfectly to mobile lines, and you will not need anymore a fixed bandwidth (as it was with SIP) to have a high-quality connection.


What IP phone should I choose?

The best answer to that question is: none. If your company is trying to sell you an expensive IP phone, you can be sure they are trying to take your money off. There is no need to buy it, since you can make and receive your calls from any device your company already owns, like your PC, your tablet or your mobile phone.

If you work at the office, probably the best option would be to use your PC. The only thing you will require is the headset with mic. It will allow you to have your hands free, so while you are talking with your client you can, for example, check your CRM to have all the information you need on hand. But if you are still not convinced of using the headphones, and you prefer an actual phone, you can always decide to buy a USB phone. This is much cheaper than an IP phone.

For those who need mobility, the best option would be to download a free mobile app, so you can make and receive your calls from any mobile device.

choose right ip telephony provider


Integration with other operators

It is possible that, for any reason, you will need to receive the calls on other operators line, and not via the Internet, so it is important to have that option. In case you want to have this possibility, you should choose an operator that offers us a free call reception and no minutes limit.


Of course, price is one of the most important factors. But, do not be cheated by too small prices. It is important to read a small print. There are a lot of companies that besides the basic price, they will charge you call set-up fee and use minutes billing.

At fonvirtual we offer you a number of free minutes to do outgoing calls, depending on where your phone number is from. Once you exceed the number of free minutes we offer you, we will only charge you for seconds you were actually calling and without an extra charge for call set-up.


Virtual PBX

The IP telephony gives you an opportunity to create your own virtual PBX, even if you have offices in different locations. It is a really useful option, so when you are deciding an IP telephony provider you should keep in mind what features are the most appropriate for you.

The most interesting features we can offer you at fonvirtual are custom main greetings, IVR (a system that distributes the calls between different departments), having different set-ups depending on your schedules, call transfers, statistics or call queueing. Those are a must have of any virtual PBX, but there are not the only ones. There are plenty of other useful characteristics, like call forwarding, filter by origin or message transcription. Discover it all on our website.



The last thing you should pay attention to is whether the IP telephony provider gives you a new number and whether they give you a possibility to carry your old one. There are many companies that only lend you a number and you’re not an actual owner of it. You should stay aware of that kind of companies.

On the other side, it is also important what are the prices for an additional number, since having one could be really useful, for example, if you want to give an impression of a big company, want to have a better control over your marketing campaigns or need an international number in order to compete with local competitors.

Those are the elements you should consider when you are looking for an IP telephony provider. We invite you to check out the website of Fonvirtual, so you can discover by your own why you should decide to hire it with us. And if you still have some doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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