Nowadays, technology seems to evolve overnight. Faster processors and added features on new devices are helping improve business productivity each day. Click to Call Drupal is the newest tool to help improve your e-commerce website and day-to-day business activity.

What do you know about Click to Call?

You have probably already heard about Click to Call before. This is a simple button usually located on the landing page of a website. It allows a customer to call your company and speak to a representative immediately. This not only improves your customer service, but also helps increase the conversion rate for different services on your website.

Picture this: Your website probably contains really useful information. Sometimes, however, your customers really just want to talk to a real person, and not speak to a robot on the phone or through a chat. People want a more personal experience when receiving customer service.

They may want to know more about your product or service before making a final purchase decision. Or, they might have a technical issue and cannot wait for an email response. Click-to-Call creates an easy way for your customers to contact their sales and support teams directly on your website.

However, let’s analyze another crucial concept. The meaning of Drupal. That way, we can explain to you the true benefits between the two.



click to call drupal



So What is Drupal?


First of all, Drupal is a content management system for e-commerce. Drupal is a free, open source content management system (CMS) with a large support community.

Today, millions of people and organizations around the world use it to create and maintain their websites. You probably use Drupal every day without knowing it. Many leading companies and government agencies use this service for their website. Some of these businesses include Red Cross, BBC, NBC News, Whole Foods, Cisco, Twitter and many more.

Drupal is an open source software released under the GNU Public License. This involves less costs, more flexibility, freedom, security and responsibility. Because of this, it is incomparable with other types of software.


Here are some of the features offered by Drupal:


  • Drupal provides a user interface that allows you to easily create and publish content. The platform can accommodate unlimited types of content, including text and multimedia content, with highly customizable forms.
  • Recover, filter and dynamically present this content with powerful and easy-to-use tools. There are also intuitive content creation tools and powerful editing tools.
  • Drupal controls access to content and features with its sophisticated system of permissions and classification of user roles.
  • All administrative and user-oriented features, such as the ability to log in or create content for dynamic photo galleries and complex voting systems, comes from the modules.
  • Drupal is also a powerful website development platform. It adheres to modern object-oriented programming patterns, PHP best practices, HTML5 and YAML standards.

Click to Call Drupal offers advantages from different benchmarks. As customers have more access to information, the more viable solutions will be available.

By combining Click to Call with Drupal, Click To Call Drupal will change the image of your business.


Fonvirtual’s Click to Speak Benefits in E-Commerce 


Having Fonvirtual’s Click to Speak option on your website has many benefits in e-commerce. Mostly, we find that:

  • When Click to Speak is included on a website, the company’s activity increases tremendously. Additionally, customers may call from anywhere in the world. This improves the customer service for any e-commerce website.
  • Click to Speak has no permanent contracts, just like all services offered by Fonvirtual.
  • It has no time limits. You can receive as many calls as you want. You can also make configurations such as changing the language setting.
  • There are no costs for customers. The calls are completely free. Clients can call without feeling any type of financial pressure.
  • It improves your company’s image. Customers know you can answer their questions quickly and efficiently.