What is “Click to Call“?

A literal definition of the term “Click to Call” is click to call. It really can’t be any more straight forward. Basically, a Click to Call button is another way to make a phone call. This button would be located on a website. By clicking on the button, you would then enter your phone number and your phone will writing immediately. An agent will be ready to speak with you on the other side of the line. Click to Call WebRTC allows you to speak online through the simple click of a button.

With this alternative phone call option, it is now possible to make calls from a computer, tablet or cell phone connected to the internet. Click to Call prevents us from downloading plugins before we can make a call on the Internet. Thanks to WebRTC’s technology, all you have to do is click on a link to make a call while connected to the internet. Click to Call WebRTC is the most reliable way you can reach others remotely today.


The usefulness of WebRTC in Click To Call

Before the arrival of WebRTC, it was not possible to actually make a video conference over the internet. First, you would install Adobe Flash Player or Silverlight. Then you would have to download a separate app, such as Skype or Oovoo. With WebRTC today, it is now possible to make videos and calls in real-time. Just open up a website through any browser, all with the help of javascript APIs. You no longer have to download anything.

With internet calling, WebRTC creates a link on a website that allows calls while a user continues to browse. Click to Call WebRTC is possible through a virtual PBX. This gives the user an opportunity to start a conversation while continuing to browse a website.


click to call webrtc


The benefits of Click To Call WebRTC

Compared to traditional phone calling modes, Click to Call WebRTC has many advantages for e-commerce sites:


Improved user interface

From the user’s point of view, Click To Call WebRTC means you no longer have to search and dial a call. You can just click on the button instead. Additionally, the call can take place anywhere in the world. There’s no international call fees. Above all else, the Click to Call WebRTC will not cost anyone a thing.


Simplified call management

Website owners no longer have to add so much extra information. With the Click To Call WebRTC system, there is no need to mention how to contact, opening hours etc. The Click To Call option takes into account all these aspects and allows you to receive calls on the device. It doesn’t require special phones or downloads to receive calls.


Corporate communication costs are relatively low

Calls made over the internet are cheaper than calls made from normal phones. Whether its a customer contacting a company or vice versa, the cost of the call is not charged by the minute. Thanks to video conferencing, clients no longer need to travel for meetings. Save time and money with Click To Call WebRTC.


Faster service

The different features of the Click to Call WebRTC allows businesses to manage their customers and reach them quickly. When a user visits a website and has a question, they can immediately contact customer service with a click. The call is totally free, and they will be directed to the next agent.

Fonvirtual.com offers a Click to Call service; innovative and powerful. Look no further and contact us to find out more about this service that will give your users a quick and efficient contact.

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