Currently marketing is one fundamental factor for a company’s success and more and more new techniques are discovered and used for it. Because of this companies have recently focused on studies of the influence of corporate colours to the company with the purpose to design the website in line with that colour garment and so the click to call button does.




click to call corporate colours

The corporate colours have not only influence in the company’s image but it also generates emotions and feelings in customers and prospective customers. It is fundamental to select the corporate colours properly since a bad selection might entail very serious consequences to the perception of the company, and fail despite doing everything else correctly.




The colour selection of your click to call button of your website is an example of how much details matter. For some people it is an unimportant matter but besides the aesthetic aspect of it and the colour combination is important to generate the correct emotion on clients in order to push them to press it for proper reasons.


what is each colour meaning?


  • Red: It is the most intense colour at an emotional level. It is a very passionate colour that embraces feelings such as hate and love. It is a colour that gives energy and action, so it is used frequently by companies that need fast responses. Companies need to be careful because it might seem a little aggressive but this effect can be softened using a darker garment of red such as burgundy that gives a more sophisticated and elegant impression. For example, if the click to call button is red it will generate two impulses depending on the person’s personality, either it will encourage people to rapidly press it or on the contrary it will be perceived almost as an imposition to make the call.


  • Blue: This is the colour that most companies choose as the base of their corporate colours, and the reason why they do it is because it is a colour that generates safeness, trust, and strength. It is particularly popular among banks corporations because it gives a honesty and precociousness image. Depending on the garment of blue people feel something or something else.


  • Dark blues: they give an image of success, power and elegancy.
  • Light blues: they generate emotions related to youth, freshness and calmness.


Undoubtedly blue is one of the best colours to the click to call button to express honesty and trust for those who might want to call.


  • Green:  It is the nicest and most relaxing colour for people’s sight. It mainly gives an image of growth and nature. Plus in western culture is also associated to money and economy as well as to medical and health stuff. It suggests resistance and stability, but it can also be negatively perceived as greed due to its association to money. It is the best colour for websites and click to call buttons of companies related to environmental issues.


  • Yellow: Logic and optimism are two of the main virtues associated to yellow. It is a very bright colour but it can also be perceived as a signal of danger so we have to be careful with the use of it not only for the click to call button but for anything in the website.


  • Black: It is a very used colour in companies and business since it gives a formality and professional perception of the company. Black gives a prestigious image and because of this more traditional companies used them in their website designs and for click to call buttons as well.


  • Orange: Finally orange represents accessible and innovative companies, it generates enthusiasm, joy and creativity. A click to call button of this colour generates a positive attitude towards the person who answers the phone.


Evaluate which color you are and which colour represents your company best. Once you have chosen it contact and we will offer you a wide colour garment for your click to call button in your website, in line with your company values.