The click to call of Fonvirtual is the tool that will allow your travel agency to evolve and survive competition and the environment threats.

What is click to call?

Click to call is the new trend in business telecommunications. It consists on a button with a telephone icon that appears on companies websites allowing customer contact with the company just by pressing it.

The customer will have to introduce their phone number after pressing the click to call button. And two simultaneous calls will be launched. One of the calls will go to the company and the other to the client in order to establish a communication between them.

This system is very easy. The company will just need to copy and paste a code in their website and it will be ready.


Why would click to call help travel agencies?

It is proven that the installation of the call button, click to call, causes an increase in sales of approximately 35%.

In travel agencies this button is particularly interesting due to the technological renovation that the industry has perceived in the past years. The amount of people that travel and the way they do it has radically change. This includes the way to find flights, hotels and the lodging alternatives.

In the past travelling was a privilege that only higher classes could afford. Nowadays, it change and generalized so the number of people that travel is much bigger.

This change in the industry caused a high price awareness in this sector. Now it prevails the price over the quality. This factor attached to the development and application of the internet in the tourism sector have caused a great decline of travel agencies.

That’s why the use of new tools is needed to overcome this crisis and keep being competitive. Click to call is one of this tools.

The click to call will allow the company to offer personalized attention. That is what users look for in travel agencies today. The great value of this type of business is the differentiation and personal attention. So these are the key aspects that this type of company should care about.

It is a telecommunications solution that combines the evolution of technology in the sector and the conservation of traditional values, such as excellent customer service. The click to call is perfectly adapted to travel agencies needs and the sector requirements.

Enter in fonvirtual if you want to find more technological solutions to improve your customer service.