Click to call for Opencart offers customers a complete service


Currently, Opencart is one of the most used solutions worldwide to start an e-commerce with advanced features and can be used in any type of project. Click to Call for Opencart offers customers a complete service and can be installed in a few minutes on a secure and flexible platform.

Many people are still not familiar with some terms, so before we get into the subject, we will see general aspects about each of them.

What is click to call?


Click to Call is a button used to make free calls from your company’s website. This allows your customers to communicate with your company to contract the services it offers or to obtain a product. To do this, a call is generated from your company’s call center to the telephone number entered by the customer.


It is extremely important that users who browse your website have necessary information about the products and / or services offered by your company more easily and a quick response. For this reason, the telephone attention must generate total satisfaction in the clients, as in the new users, offering this way the facility of a fast communication, without costs and automatic.



click to call for opencart



What is Opencart?


OpenCart (online store management system) is an open source e-commerce system. It is based on PHP for online store sales. It is a solution for those who want to create their own online business and create an e-commerce website at minimal cost.


OpenCart is easy to use, powerful, fast and with a visually appealing graphical interface for users. It was created by the Englishman Daniel Kerr. Currently, it is one of the best open source programs that exist on the internet in terms of speed, simplicity and efficiency.


Features of OpenCart


The features of OpenCart are very unique. Through extensions, we can customize its appearance and add features comfortably. The following is a list of some of the best features OpenCart has to offer:


  • It can support any number of users and products. There is no restriction on the use of the virtual store. Therefore, its use is totally unlimited.


  • It is Multi-Store. With only one installation of Opencart, several online stores can be managed.


  • It has several alternatives for making payments.  This includes gateways to systems such as Paypal.


  • You can administer products, users or access statistics. You can easily manage your store on any computer.


  • Products have various configurable customization options.


  • There are several options to produce discounts to your customers through coupons and promotions.


  • The software itself is capable of working with different languages and different currencies under the user’s demand, in the same installation. For this reason, it is said to be Multi-language and Multi-currency.


  • It manages alternatives for shipping methods that you can customize by products.


  • It can be adapted to mobile devices, as a large part of the sales come from users who use them. The purpose is to make them feel comfortable using the store.


Fonvirtual: Improve your e-commerce with click to call for opencart


  • Having Click to Speak from Fonvirtual has many benefits in e-commerce over Click to Call. Some of them are the following:


  • If you include Click to Speak on your website, it is estimated to generate 35% more activity for your company. Your clients will be able to communicate with you from anywhere. It is more direct than Click to Call, because with a simple click, the user makes the call directly through your website. They do not have to enter a phone number or wait to be called by an agent.


  • Click to Speak has no permanent contracts, just like all services offered by Fonvirtual. You can cancel the service at any time, and restore the service if you change your mind.


  • It has features such as language selection, limiting customer service hours, receiving calls, configuring holidays, and many more.


  • Customers and users can connect for free. You would just have to enter your company number so that this call can be made.


  • Click to speak uses WebRTC IP voice technology.


  • The implementation of a click to speak gives you the opportunity to project a stronger image to your company and to be able to resolve customer queries quickly and easily.


  • You only have to add the click to speak code on your company’s website.


How to add a click to speak button on your website?


Fonvirtual gives you a simple line of code to copy and paste into your website:


<code> Fonvirtual’s click to call code </code>


That way, you can start using click to call regardless of the type of platform you use to create your website. Use click to call for opencart and improve your ecommerce site today.


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