Thanks to technological innovation, e-commerce has experienced remarkable growth and its use is constantly increasing. We live in an era in which everything is easy and simple, thanks to scientific and technological advances in all fields. Do you know what Joomla is and how it relates to our click to call service?


What is Joomla?


Joomla is a platform dedicated to the creation of websites. It has specialized in web design for many years. Joomla is the intermediary system between users, website applicants, and a large global community of developers who cooperate to implement high-quality services.


Who uses the Joomla service?


Joomla is a free and open source content management system used to develop and manage websites and their respective content. Joomla is one of the largest dominant web software platforms and can be used by any type of user, both for organizations and for individuals.

What distinguishes Joomla is its ease of use. Regardless of who you are and your level of development, you can use it comfortably to create your own original and unique website. If you want to create a custom module for your website, which no other website has, Joomla is ideal for you.

This platform can be accessed by anyone who wants to create an e-commerce website and seek to advance and develop their professional e-commerce over time.


What are the advantages of using Joomla?


Joomla puts at the service of its users a competent team, which ensures that the platform is at the level of consumer expectations. It is easy to use, accessible, multilingual, reactive and easy to implement.

Joomla is an interesting solution for the design and development of websites content management systems, and the expected results have been achieved so far.


Click to call Joomla


Click to call Joomla of Fonvirtual


Fonvirtual’s click to call service can be used on any device, and does not require any installation.

To use the click to call Joomla, simply insert a code in the platform. Thus, the button will already be visible on the web and its use will be allowed in any device immediately: computer, tablet or mobile.

The operation is simple. Once the client makes the call, it is executed immediately and sent to the company’s virtual PBX. The only thing the calling customer will need to make the call is one of the devices mentioned above and access the website.

The customer making the call will not have to pay anything, regardless of the number and duration of the call made. However, they do not have to enter any data either, as the call is made without the need to insert the telephone number.

Not even the company itself will have to pay anything for the call because the click to call service only has a fixed monthly cost for the company that wants it on its website.

Fonvirtual’s click to call Joomla is accessible from any country. Have you ever imagined that your clients could contact you from any country in the world and totally free of charge? In addition, with HD voice quality, easy and fully accessible.


Click to call Joomla


Fonvirtual offers you the click to call Joomla service, which can be installed on this platform with all the options that the click to call service provides.

The click to speak, our way of calling this new click to call, has many more advantages than the traditional click to call. Fonvirtual offers the service click to speak, with which you can launch the call with a single click.

Fonvirtual offers you a wide range of high-quality services. Connecting to click to call Joomla is a guarantee of service quality, as well as contact with customers.


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