E-commerce requires the installation of platforms that help meet demand and give easy access to online commerce. In addition, it must allow them to access a wider audience and give them opportunities to connect with you. If you add a click to call Magento to these platforms, you will get customers who visit your Magento e-commerce platform to contact you very easily.


What is Magento?


Before we continue we want you to know what Magento is. It is an open source platform for e-commerce written in PHP.

This tool is used to “build virtual stores”. It is mainly intended for companies that want to develop a medium or large scale online business project.

Magento allows you to show a wide range of catalogues of products and services to your customers. As well as their prices.

It is an alternative to other platforms such as Prestashop or Woocommerce.

All of them have the purpose of showing the sale of products or services. As well as to allow the selling at the moment in an easy and simple way.


click to call Magento


Why Include Click to Call Magento?


If your online business already has this software, it’s time to add new tools to give greater usability to your website and contact facilities, such as Click to call Magento.

There are many advantages you can get by including this service on the company’s website. One of the greatest benefits is received by the client. With the click to call Magento, the client will be able to contact the company easily, for free and from anywhere in the world.

But in addition, there are other advantages that you can get with the click to call Magento:


  • Those users who visit your online business will be able to contact you easily, simply by pressing a button.


  • They won’t have to enter their phone number, so users can feel more confident to get in touch.


  • Because it is free and does not require special phones, the customer will have more availability and predisposition to contact the company at any time.


  • Calls are made over the Internet. Customers will be able to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world and totally free. This expands the possibilities of international negotiations.


  • New communication channels are opened instantly and customers perceive an atmosphere of trust.


  • The time for free Internet calls is unlimited with the click to call Magento.


  • The company will generate more revenue. The customer is in direct contact with commercial activity and, therefore, you will have the opportunity to increase sales anywhere in the world.


If your company already has an online business in progress, all you need to do is make it easier for the client to contact your company. You will only have to insert the click to call button in your web page, to start receiving free calls in your WebRTC telephone line.

The click to call Magento helps to project a good company image. Customers won’t have to browse your website a lot to contact you. Thus, they will clear up all their doubts and you will respond to all their needs quickly.

At Fonvirtual we offer you a Click to Call service. In addition, it is a lick to call that provides many more features along with the virtual PBX or Call center software, through WebRTC. These features are: configuration of mailboxes and schedules, locutions, etc..

Contact us to find out more about our click to call Magento service.


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