Digital commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors today. The vast majority of companies have started their adventure in e-commerce on different platforms. In each of the online shops, companies insert the click to call button to make it easier for customers to contact the company. In the following article, we will see what the click to call Prestashop button is for and what it can contribute to the online company.

What is Prestashop?


Prestashop is a system of free content and open source that provides a number of services to promote trade in digital form. It allows the creation of web portals to sell all kinds of services and products.

This platform has a great variety of plugins that increase commercial productivity.

In terms of compatibility, Prestashop works with any operating system: MAC, Windows or Linux. Any of them is capable of hosting the platform but recommends using add-ons such as those offered by the WAM and XAMPP packages to have all the commercial tools.


Click to call Prestashop to give ease of contact to customers


Every online store has a click to call button that allows users to enter their phone number through the web, the company receives the information and calls them.

Fonvirtual’s click to call Prestashop, unlike traditional click to call, allows the user to call the company with a single click, without the need to enter a phone number. Therefore, at Fonvirtual we call this service click to speak Prestashop.

This is a telephone communication tool that is added to the company’s website simply by adding a code. It allows customers to call the company themselves, through the Internet and without having to insert their telephone number.

The click to call Prestashop tool is designed to increase the possibility of clarifying any doubt, request or order instantly, directly and free of charge.


click to call prestashop


Benefits of click to call Prestashop


# Immediacy

The click to call Prestashop system gives the customer and the company the opportunity to be communicated immediately, with only one click by the user through the web.

# Global

Calls from click to call Prestashop can be made from anywhere in the world. Any user, in any country, will be able to call the company.

# Free of charge

The telephone line of this type of calls is virtual and does not recharge any type of costs either for the client who calls, or for the company that receives the call.

Calls are made over the Internet, so there is no cost of calls.

# Sharpness

This call button for Prestashop is characterized by emitting the call through WebRTC. This is synonymous with fluidity, HD voice quality and therefore a customer service without technical problems.

# Functionality

The configuration of the click to call Prestashop button allows the company to add a menu, voicemail, music on hold and call answering schedules, among other options.

In addition, Fonvirtual’s click to speak allows you to recognize which page the call comes from. In this way, when the call is received in the company’s call center software or virtual PBX, agents will be able to give much more personalized attention to the potential client that calls.

# Personalization

The configuration of Fonvirtual’s click to call Prestashop offer is adaptable and customizable to the website. You can adapt the button to the graphics environment of your virtual store.


The company has the possibility of adapting this tool to take full advantage of its benefits and effective use. Your e-commerce with click to call Prestashop will give facilities both for the company and for the user who visits the web. This service, in short, provides the online store advantages of customer service by forming a team that seeks greater satisfaction and raises the levels of service guarantee.

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