The businesses are making changes in their marketing tendencies as they are starting to provide more personalized customer service. The spread of individualization is even strengthening this phenomenon since we give more importance to ourselves, our wishes and we demand personalized attention. In this article we are going to inquire about the click to call service.

Having said that, from the business point of views it is not an easy task to dedicate time to every customer since there are so many of them. It is important to find a balance. You can’t look after every single customer but neither could you send out a newsletter and provide only one phone number as a way to contact you.


click to call service


The most important part is providing a quality service. Your clients demand trust and an individualised and unique care. Therefore, we don’t talk about B2C anymore but rather about Human to Human or One to One: the business are interested in their customers because before anything else, they are humans – almost friends.


There are different tools, which give you the possibility to personalize the customer care or sending out personalized messages which don’t require a long reading time. Let’s see one, which  is a part of relationship marketing and will improve your communication.

The Click to Call service will help you improve the quality and intensity of your relationship with your customers. It is very simple – all you need to do is add it to your website. All the customer needs to do is click on this button, add their contact number and wait for you to call them back. The only cost of this service is a monthly fee without additional charges. Here is more information about this innovative service:


  • An actualized website: this is an original and personalizable contact tool. It projects a positive image to web visitors looking through your offer. They will see you as a modern and up to date company trying to make their customers’ life easier.
  • Lower bounce rate and better SEO: the Click to Call service catches the attention of anyone visiting your website. Since it is so easy to get in touch with you, many will be tempted to click on it, which will achieve that they will stay on your website longer than they would otherwise. All of this improves your SEO and helps better position your website.
  • Incredibly easy to install: you can include the Click to Call service to your web thanks to a simple code. Moreover, it is compatible with any web and CMS.
  • An economic solution: not only for big corporations but also for small-sized enterprises. It is definitely a good buy given the advantages you receive together with this service.
  • Responsive design: No matter what device your customers use – PC, smartphone, tablet…The Click to Call button will appear on all these devices when they enter your website.
  • Compatible with switchboards: You can provide your switchboard number and this way provide an efficient customer care with welcoming messages, business hours, automated attendant, call queue etc.

Don’t wait and start improving your customer service now. In case of any additional information, contact us via our website, try the Click to Call service or email us