Still unsure of the new Click to Call services offered by Fonvirtual? Let us explain why this feature is the best feature to add to your website.

What is click to call services?

Click to Call services, also known as Click to Speak, is a button that is integrated into a website that allows users to contact a company through a simple click. It really is that simple to make a call.

However, there are clear differences between traditional Click to Call buttons and the one offered by Fonvistual. Let’s review:

Traditional Click to Call vs. Click to Call services WebRTC

The traditional click to call procedure is as follows:

  1. The customer enters their telephone number on the screen
  2. The company receives their contact information and, when possible, they return the call to the customer based on the phone number that they gave

Now, with click to call services using WebRTC, the procedure is as follows:

  1. The client presses a button and automatically launches the call.

Wait… did we just skip a step? The answer to that is no. Although they both result in contacting the company, there is a huge difference between the two: With Click to Call services using WebRTC, it is much faster to get in touch.


click to call services


What are the advantages of Fonvirtual’s click to call services?

Typically, when a user tries to click a “click to call” button online, it is because either a: They have questions or concerns about the company, or b: They simply want more information about a product or service.
With the traditional Click to Call, if a user was unable to contact the company immediately, they would have already lost about 50% of their interest in the business as well as what they have to offer. Additionally, they may have already forgotten which questions they wanted to ask. However, if you offer an option where with a simple click they can reach someone immediately, this can greatly improve your business opportunities.

Fonvirtual’s Click to Call services have another clear advantage: It doesn’t require collecting personal information. With Fonvirtual’s Click to Call services on your website, the client will only have to click the button and an online call will automatically be made to an available agent within the company. At no point will they have any personal information about their phone number during the call.

What other advantages does this offer?

  • Direct Client-to-Company Connection
  • No costs for the customer
  • Improves company image
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Reduces abandonment rate
  • Increases business opportunities
  • Efficient customer service
  • Can be measured, allowing you to track bounce rate
  • You can customize the design of your Click to Call button
  • Makes your website look much more attractive to users.

How to install click to call services on your website

The installation is very simple: you only need the HTML code to insert it into your website. It’s also compatible with other content management platforms, such as Wordpress, Prestashop, Woocommerce and others.

Fonvirtual will offer you this custom code, along with the virtual PBX services to manage calls.

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