In order to captivate new clients and increase your sales, you constantly need to look for ways to drive traffic to your website. Obviously, one of the most important traffic generators is creating an interesting web content for the internet users. However, this is not enough. The following step is equally important: convert the leads (potential clients) into clients. In fact, there are many well-positioned websites, which fail to do so. This results as a waste of resources: finances, time invested into the positioning process or the website optimisation… This could be due to unclear message or a great product complexity. A possible way to avoid this situation is providing a quality customer service. You can achieve this with a click to call tool.


Thanks to Internet, the users have many possible ways to get in touch with a company but don’t forget that differentiation is the key. Make it easier for your clients to contact you, make the communication interactive and fun and position the customer as the main actor in your relation. The first impression is also critical, taking into account the competition and the average time that the Internet users spend on a website. If you fail to catch their attention in the first few seconds or they leave your site with a negative impression, you definitely lose the opportunity to turn them into customers. You have to adapt the best and the most suitable tools and be different in order to offer optimal customer service.

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Some companies have already started adopting modern and more effective means to improve the communication with their customers


The traditional methods like emails or contact forms are a fast and simple solution, but their downside is that the client has to spend some time writing them. Moreover, it is impersonal due to the big distance between the customer and the company. Unlike in verbal communication, the response periods take prolonged time and the users tend to contact the competition at the same time. In addition to adding a click to call tool, a possible way to resolve this problem is adding “live chat” to the business website. It is a great way to establish immediate contact with the leads or existing customers and it reduces their waiting time.


One of the most efficient ways to help your clients to gain time and show them that you appreciate them is adopting “click to call”. It is an interactive button, which is always present on the user’s screen while looking at your website and it makes the process of getting in touch much easier. It is user-friendly – click the button (usually a picture of a phone) and the company will answer the call instantly. You don’t pay anything for the call.
Putting this service into practice will help you build a positive company brand and will increase the quality of your sales.

Moreover, since “click to call” is an innovative service, it increases the number of company contacts and the long-term advantages for the company itself


  • the waiting time is decreased to minimum
  • the company projects a dynamic image, providing their clients quality and proximity
  • bounce rate reduction (the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page)
  • a personalizable service, which adapts to your website and increases its attractiveness and interactivity
  • call cost reduction for your clients and you thanks to a fixed fee – no click counting  

It is crucial to stay updated with the technological progress in order to sustain the credibility of your company. Combine and adjust tools to your website and provide more efficient customer service. Fonvirtual offers you a click to call tool that will help your company to make the most of its customer service.