Are you the owner of a website that shows all of the services, details, promotions and news related to your company? Do you want users who visit your site to get in touch with your company? Do you need a tool that will allow you to create this connection easily? Do you want visitors from your website, regardless of what country they’re in, to be able to call you without any costs? Lastly, do you want to benefit from the latest advantages in telephony? If your answer is yes to all of these questions, you definitely need to try the latest way to make calls: The click to dial button, or as we like to name it: the Click-to-Call!

On the Internet, nobody likes to wait. Especially if they have questions before making an online purchase. Or even worse, if an error occurs when the transaction is pending. Customers want assistance as soon as possible whenever they are facing issues.


What is a Click to Dial Button?


The Click to Dial button is a tool that allows customers to contact the company through the internet when visiting a website. By clicking the link, a call occurs that facilitates communication between both parties.

This technology is revolutionizing the relationships between companies and its website visitors. If you are a business professional who would like to make life easier for your customers by making communication available at any time, then congratulations! You are in the right place!


click to dial


What Is This Click to Dial Button For?


Clients demand for more information whenever they are going to make a purchases or make any important decisions. They want to speak with someone as they browse the web to answer any quick questions they may have during their search.

Often times, customers shy away from calling customer service because they don’t want to be waiting on hold for half an hour. Why not offer them a Click to Dial button on your site that launches the call instantly? This is a crucial step to immediately solve any client issues as they occur.

Thanks to the WebRTC technology of Fonvirtual’s Click-to-Call, website visitors can now launch a phone call by simply clicking on the Click to Dial button. Immediately (and totally free), this call will enter the virtual call center software of the company and will then be attended by the correct corresponding agent.

As you may already know, assistance is important, both for the client and for the company. Customers love having the Click to Dial button option, given its simplicity and immediacy.


What Are The Advantages of a Click to Dial Button?


By implementing the Click to Dial button on a company website, the company is allowing customers to contact them from anywhere in the world, for free, thanks to WebRTC technology.

This is a simple and quick way to connect users with the company. It facilitates how users surf the web and need solutions immediately.

Fonvirtual will help connect users with the company’s call center software, free of charge, instantaneously and with HD quality.

You can configure the call center software or virtual PBX associated with the Click to Dial button with all the features you need: locations, schedules, voice mailboxes, statistics, etc. The tool Click-to-Call has arrived not only to make life easier for customers but to also help businesses who are looking to grow their services.


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