The communication facilities that we can offer to customers and users visiting the website generate a good impact on the brand and image of the company. Nothing brings greater customer satisfaction than fast and quality communication to resolve their doubts. Customers need real-time assistance. While exploring the website, users often want to contact someone quickly to resolve their doubts or questions. At this point, the company needs real-time support to provide to the user. That’s why our click to talk service is a simple but effective solution that can be quickly installed on any website to provide real-time help to online customers.


Why is the click to talk different?


Click to talk is a solution that can be quickly implemented on websites to provide real-time voice assistance to online visitors. The call can be instantaneous, since it is made simply by pressing a button, or it can be programmed later, depending on the client’s preferences. Verbal communication makes it possible to assess urgency, show empathy and choose the right tone, which can influence the increase in confidence towards the brand.

We cannot deny that customer service is important to any type of business. The quality of this service will improve or reduce customer loyalty to the brand.

With today’s business competition and a wide range of equal products and services, customers have more alternatives than ever before. Companies that respond quickly to customer questions, complaints, or other needs can gain a clear competitive advantage. That’s why it’s so important to understand how new technologies can help anticipate customer needs, adapt business processes to better serve them, and ultimately improve business efficiency.




The value of the customer


Customer value is a concept widely used in the business world. The value of the client measures the profitability of the efforts made.

The action given is traditionally a purchase but may consist of a registration, a vote or a visit. While the cost refers to everything that the customer must give up in order to benefit from the desired advantages, such as money, data, time, knowledge, etc…

Obviously, if a company does not have a source of income, it will fail. Whatever type of organization it is, revenue is needed to nourish the business. Without income, you cannot hire, support employees or endure over time. Customers are, therefore, a necessary success for everyone.


Benefits of click to talk


In a global environment, where competition reaches its highest points, companies bet on establishing easy and direct contact with their customers, in order to generate more trust in the long term. This evolution towards proactive service illustrates a modern approach that puts the customer at the centre.

With Fonvirtual’s click to call or click to talk service, customers will be able to contact the company with a single click. It will only be possible with the publication of a call button on the website. Remember that all calls are free, both for the client and the company. The Internet user who navigates through the website will be able to contact the company and find out everything he or she is looking for, instantly, quickly and with HD quality.

Fonvirtual takes care of everything. Once you have requested the click to talk service, Fonvirtual will send you a code that you only will have to paste in the web page. From that moment on, any user will be able to get in touch without the need for a telephone, without dialling any number and without paying anything.

In order to enjoy this service, it is essential to install the Fonvirtual WebRTC virtual PBX. This opportunity will allow any company to be at the cutting edge of technology, as well as increase activity in an exceptional way.

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