The Internet is one of the most efficient channels to promote your services or products since it helps you reaching a much broader audience than any other means. In today’s World, the majority of population is glued to their smartphones, the arguments are resolved by googling the right answer and you will only rarely see a group of people without any tech gadgets…the businesses have found a great way to sell their products and services without investing into physical offices. All they need is a well-designed website, logistics and customer service strategy. The simple act of clicking a button can make your company improve your customer service.

The USA and the UK are the two countries spending the most money shopping online and the numbers are constantly increasing.

One of the reasons of this augmenting trend is an easy access to smartphones and other devices (tablets etc) and the overall trust in technology. However, PCs continue to be the most widely used devices for online shopping.

Online shopping does not mean that your contact with the customers ends at the moment they complete the purchasing process. An online shop’s customer service has to be responsive and equally good before and after the purchase process.
Clients who experience a good purchasing process and receive high quality customer service, will positively influence your ratings in forums and on social media. This is a great way to increase the online sales. On the other hand, a negative review could be harmful for your business.

clicking on a button

The Online Customer Service

Regarding the customer service of an e-commerce website, there are various tools which can be used to serve the clients and answer their questions in order to resolve their problems. You can provide customer service in written form or via telephone.

In the first case, it is recommended to add your contact details on your website. This way, the customer’s order will be directed to your email. Another useful tool to take care of your customers is online chat, which allows you to respond to your customers’ questions immediately.

Regarding customer service provided via phone, the best solution is offering them a contact number. An efficient solution is getting a virtual PBX system. You can configure a variety of features, which will improve your brand image. One of the most useful tools is ‘click to call’. Your clients can call you by simply clicking on a button on your website.

We recommend combining both options since some clients prefer written communication and other verbal interaction. By clicking on a button your clients will immediately contact you through the virtual PBX system!


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