The sales process for companies is completely different from what it was a few years ago. Aspects such as creating new sales channels, learning to measure what we do and establishing objectives are essential elements to be successful when closing sales.

The closing of sales has been declining in all businesses increasingly towards the Internet and the digital world. For this reason, Internet sales techniques have more and more weight and make more of the difference between being commercially successful or not.

The Internet allows us to enhance our presence in a way that would be impossible in the analog world. The ability and speed to reach our customers has grown exponentially and, with it, the complexity of competing. For this reason, closing sales demands a comprehensive rethinking of how our sales funnel is structured.

How can we facilitate the closing of sales of our business?

Next, we will talk about some techniques to increase sales in our business.

Visits to your website

Some time ago, any business tried to capture its potential client and “drag” it to its store. Once there, we were sure that it would be easy to seduce him into buying the product that most interested us. On the Internet everything is more complicated. The website of your business is a grain of sand in the immensity that is the internet, so it is difficult to get them to find you.

Something even more complicated is getting who you really need to find you. Qualifying your potential visitors will help close sales. Therefore, it is not about attracting quantity of users but quality, that is, potential customers.

Sales channels

Let’s imagine that we have been able to attract interested parties – in good numbers and with good quality – to our website. Is all the work done? Absolutely. One of the peculiarities that closing a sale on the Internet incorporates is the immediacy it requires. Users get tired quickly, they get distracted and, consequently, sales must be closed as quickly and effectively as possible.

It is necessary to create channels where attention can be given as quickly as possible and that allow the best user experience. In addition to having good software to close telephone sales, the telephone or the email itself, channels such as WhatsApp, web chat, video conference buttons or your own cobrowsing, allow to better accommodate what the customer needs, to serve in a better way and, consequently, to close a greater number of sales.

Having a conversational sales platform is, nowadays, indispensable in the construction of an efficient sales funnel.

Remote collection tools

Once the client is advised and convinced, we have to ensure that the transaction is completed comfortably and easily so as not to lose the sale. Today there are many payment methods through the Internet that we can offer on our website, such as credit card payment gateways, Paypal, etc.

However, once we are in telephone contact with a customer who wants to purchase one of our products, we must be able to offer them a secure system to pay for their purchase in the same call. For this, there is currently a secure telephone billing system based on artificial intelligence that requests the customer’s card details and, without human intervention, connects with the company’s bank to complete the transaction, thus avoiding having to abandon the customer before they have been able to pay.


Set goals and measure them

Adding up what we’ve seen, we may have been successful in attracting the right customer and offering the right channels to make it easier to close sales. But is this all? Absolutely. The figures, by themselves, tell us nothing.

It is essential to establish clear objectives at the product level (what we sell) and to know how our sales channels are working. Comparing with previous periods is one of the techniques to increase sales that we must consider as essential.

Only then will we be able to identify which products are sold, which sales channels work and what is the best way to optimize our processes.

Repeat, scale and correct

If the strength of the numbers supports what we are doing, our next step should be to find a way to repeat what works so well for us and be able to scale it to other areas: other markets, new services and products…

In the same way, all those processes that show negative results will force us to make a quick interpretation of why it does not work in order to amend or eliminate it.


In conclusion, the techniques to increase sales that companies need today demand much more refined strategies and procedures than the ones companies had a few years ago, but which, in the same way, can offer better results with greater speed and size.

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