The multiplicity of communication channels that currently exist to reach different customers, depending on their age, tastes or preferences, is a challenge for companies in their efforts to generate links with their customers, position their brand, attract new consumers and increase sales. One of the crucial tools to achieve this are Cloud-based contact center companies, which already have the latest technologies to administer and manage per call communications between customers and service providers.

In today’s competitive world, it is essential to have tools that allow us to generate new forms of interaction to achieve these goals and even go further: to achieve customer loyalty with our brand.


What is a Cloud-based contact center company?


When we talk about Cloud-based contact center companies we mean the companies that offer telecommunications services for companies, in this case, contact centers. These services improve the management and coordination of all communications with our customers.

The Cloud-based contact center companies integrate and coordinate through a specialized software (contact center or call center software) the incoming and outgoing calls of the company, making an efficient follow-up to all its processes to generate greater and better links with customers.

In addition, they are in charge of:

  • Maintain effective communication with customers in an easy way
  • Analyze data from each interaction
  • Measure the response times of each operation
  • Develop statistics


The goal is to establish timely and effective dialogues with users, as well as generate studies and trends of potential new customers, making consumers of your product or services get an immediate response that meets their needs and generates a bond of loyalty with your brand.

With the high level of competition in the market, achieving customer loyalty is not only about your product or service is of high quality, but also the attention you offer, which will ultimately affect the choice of consumers.


Features of contact center services


Nowadays, thanks to the advance of technology, the functionalities that a contact center can provide us are more and more. Among them the following ones stand out:

  1.  Call recording
  2.  Statistics
  3.  Call monitoring (transcriptions, active listening…)
  4.  Voicemail
  5.  Locutions
  6.  Waiting queues
  7.  Intelligent distribution of incoming calls to agents
  8.  Interaction with agents by the supervisor (direct chat, “whispers”…)


6 benefits of the services of a contact center


  1. Establishes dialogue with users
  2. Allows more direct contact with customers
  3. Ensures customer loyalty to the products and services offered to them.
  4. Guarantees an adequate and efficient client-company meeting
  5. Boosts the increase in sales
  6. Improves the experience of both the company and the target customer to be reached





Why does my company need a contact center?


A good contact center service allows you to offer the technical assistance that your customers need when contacting you, either because they have doubts about your products or services before making a purchase or contract, or need some kind of extra advice.

Cloud contact center companies are responsible for generating an experience of care for your customers, which positively impacts on the choice of your product or service, creating a loyalty of consumers with your brand.

The contact center service provides the speed that customers currently want in responding to their needs, so it is vital to achieve that excellence you aspire in your business.


When do I need the services of a Cloud-based contact center?


  1. My clients do not have the facility to contact the company.
  2. The company does not have the facility to contact the clients.
  3. The company’s agents do not have the facilities to communicate with each other at work.
  4. Your brand doesn’t have the notoriety or recognition you want.
  5. Your company has little contact or poor quality contact with customers.
  6. The product or service you offer is complex and cannot be easily understood from your website.
  7. You have never filtered your database of potential customers
  8. You’ve had losses on the different campaigns you’ve launched.


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