What is Cloud Based PBX?


A cloud based PBX is essentially a virtual switchboard for phones that operates without any wires or cables connected between devices. When we’re speaking of a telephone switch itself, it is simply referring to an electronic device that provides a telephone network connection. With a cloud based PBX for small businesses, customers benefit from this service as well because it is now easier to reach the company. Agents can access calls on their cell phones or a computer, not just on their desk phones.

In order for a small business to grow, customer service means everything. A cloud based PBX for small businesses are cost-effective way to improve your customer management, as well as ensure perfect communication between the business staff and its customers with HD sound quality.


Why You Should Choose a Cloud Based PBX for Small Businesses


In the beginnings of telecom, all devices were connected through cables and wires. Even in 2019, some businesses are still doing this! However, with a cloud based PBX for small businesses, you are able to grow your business by not needing to invest in any cabling, installations, or excess hardware or phones. You can use the cellphone or computer that you already own to make and receive phone calls.


Mobility at work


During a normal work day, you might find yourself switching between papers on your desk, your computer, or notes on your phone. And during it all, you may receive a long phone call that is using up one of your hands. Fortunately, with a cloud based PBX for small businesses, you can now do multiple things at once, hands free, and remain on the call. Everything is stored on the cloud, so you can even check and see information on your calls later.


Save money


Traditional business phone systems have always been able to connect callers. Normally, each call is directed to a physical landline phone that sits at your desk, and involves a lot of cables and wiring. But with a cloud based PBX for small businesses, your business does not need to invest in any new phones or cabling installations. You can now save money by making calls on the cell phone or computer that you already own.


Get more work done in less time

For an employee who makes calls, things are significantly easier when they can take notes or search files staying on a call. Being hands free is a complete game changer. By using a wireless headset, you can listen and make calls completely hands free.  Because of this, you no longer have to stress about not being able to use both hands and can now handle multiple tasks at once.


cloud based PBX for small businesses


The cloud based PBX for small businesses offered by Fonvirtual


Among the multitude of telephone exchange services you will find, the best choice you can make choosing Fonvirtual. Thousands of businesses have worked with Fonvirtual thanks to its wide range of services and features, including:

Custom Greeting Messages:

Any customer who calls will immediately receive a voice message that welcomes and guides them to beginning of his call to the company. This can inform them about the company and the business hours of operation.

Options Menu:

This allows the caller to select what they are looking for in order to be directed to the correct service agent or department.

Call Recording:

During a call, it is possible that you may forget some important details about the conversation. To retrieve this information at a later time, all calls may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance.

Set up of customer service hours:

Your customers should know when you are available to take a call. For this reason, it is always necessary to create a designated time for business hours, closing hours and holidays.

Call Transfering:

At Fonvirtual, you can receive an Assisted Call Transfer service. It will allow you to easily redirect your calls with to the right agent or department if you wish.







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