The communication always has been the most important part of creating relationships with our clients and having a well functioning customer service is the key to achieve it. You might think that only big companies with huge capital can afford it since it requires specialized equipment and expensive hardware, but not anymore. The development of new technologies makes the life of entrepreneurs much easier and thanks to our cloud contact center solution you can make and receive a huge amount of phone calls without the need of making a big investment. Keep reading to find out more about it.

What kind of cloud contact center solution do you need?

A cloud call center software allows you to make and receive your phone calls in an easy and effective way. There are two types of them and you should decide what is the better option for your company.


The on-site cloud contact center solution is working from your own data center, so you have a complete control over it. However, it requires the installation of hardware, software, the maintenance and constant improvement. So you will need not only agents responsible for making and receiving the calls, but also a specialized technician who can take care of it, so it requires a high investment. In addition, any problem that comes up will be your responsibility and you will have to spend some of your precious time to fix it.


The cloud-based contact center solution is, without any doubt, the best option for your business. It means that your contact center software is stored in the cloud and the third-party provider is responsible for that. For you, it implies no hardware, no software, no maintenance, no special equipment. You will just need an Internet connection and we will do everything for you. You just log in to it from the browser or use it from the mobile app. We provide you with a really intuitive interface where you can find every variable you need on live. It is a much cheaper solution, it is easy to use and it can be personalized to the need of your enterprise. Why bother yourself when you can leave it to the provider with experience?

cloud contact center solution

The most important features of our cloud contact center solution

The features our cloud contact center solution offers you are numerous, but there are some of them we are really proud of and we would like to share with you the best ones, which can help you to create an effective customer service and improve the performance of your company.

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

Those are the cloud contact center solution must have. When your client calls you, the IVR makes a fast questionnaire about your clients in a very intuitive way. It is a typical case of If you would like to talk with administration press 1 if you would like to talk with accounting press 2 etc. You can personalize the questions however you want. With that information, the ACD can make an intelligent and automatized distribution. You just need to create a profile of each of your agents evaluating their skills and ACD will know what calls will be best attended by what agent. This makes your activity much more effective and saves your and the clients’ time. And it ensures you that your customers will be served by the most appropriate person.

  • Statistics and calls transcription

Other features our cloud contact center solution can offer are statistics and call transcription. We all know the importance of measuring every of our business activities. It helps to keep improving our services and get to know better our clients. For that reason, those features are so important. You can choose any metric related to incoming and outgoing call you find opportune. To mention some of them, you can measure your missing calls, waiting time, average conversational times, level of service and many more. You can also access the transcription of every made call. It is a great source of information about your clients, and you can analyze your calls with every single detail. If you prefer, you could also use for that our option of call recording, however, the transcription is much easier and faster.

  • Greetings

With greetings, we refer to the recorded messages your clients hear when they call you. It is a great way to inform your client where are they calling to, so they can be sure they choose the right number. You can also give them more information like your working hours or holidays (with the feature of schedules you can set your labour hours and day off, so if your clients call you when there is no one in the office, he or she will be informed about it) or you can indicate when all of the lines are busy at the moment. It is a really useful option since your client will know why are you not answering so he or she can call you later. Without that information, it is probably that the customers will never call you back.

Those are just a few of the many advantages that we can offer you and, as you can see, it is worthy to count with an experienced contact center software provider. Check out on our website what other features our cloud contact center solution can offer you, and find out why Fonvirtual is the best option for you.