For companies that operate in the present environment, there is a factor whose importance is increasing and that is mobility. Now there are more and more situations in which is necessary to go outside the office during the work time (meetings, appointments with customers and suppliers, fairs, conventions…) and it is essential to be able to attend our responsibilities so it doesn’t have a negative influence in our business. Let´s see how the cloud hosted PBX can help your company.


The last thing we would want is missing calls from potential or current customers during those moments outside the office, that could entail a lost of them. Also, we would not like that unattended calls for whatever reason, would not have any kind of response, since the image that we would be giving would be dreadful.


The reliance that companies had on physical devices in the past, entailed a lack of other viable and beneficial alternatives. Although, thanks to technology advances and the possibility to include cell phone lines in the cloud PBX, companies have seen and enjoyed the mobility and flexibility that they own.


The cloud hosted PBX has allowed us to answer incoming calls in our devices, either through a direct route, using the reception of a cell phone provider or through IP technology. This way, we will assure the capacity to answer or make calls from any place in the world without additional costs.


cloud hosted PBX


This is not all, thanks to the cloud hosted PBX features, we will be able to instantaneously change the way our number works whenever be would want to.  We would only have to enter into our control panel and modify into the setting we would wanted. For instance, if we have to go outside the office we can route the calls to our personal cell phone ( we will always be able to identify which calls are coming through the cloud hosted PBX), and if we know already that we won’t be able to answer calls not even with our personal cell phone, well, then we can set up a recorded message that tells callers that we are currently unavailable and to please leave their messages after the bip so we can reach them later. All those messages would be received in our email.


As you can see, the cloud hosted PBX is the best solution in terms of customer service for companies nowadays. It is a solution that meets your needs and that is suitable to your resources, so this way, any company, no matter, if it is big or small, will be able to subscribe for an efficient cloud PBX service to answer their customer calls.