Country codes and a cloud international phone number

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Publish: Thursday, Aug 10
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International Dialing Codes

Also known as IDD (International Direct Calling) or ISD (International Subscriber Dialing). These codes are used when calling international numbers. For example, to call from Japan to the UK, you need to dial 010-44-(+phone number). That´s why having a cloud international phone number is so important.

Trunk Prefixes

In this case we are talking about local prefixes, also known as trunk codes, which usually consist of one or two numbers. This code has to be dialed when calling certain countries; however, usually it is not required when contacting foreign phone numbers.

Country Codes and Trunk Prefixes


Depending on your location and the call destination country, you are required to dial the country code and the trunk prefix


Country Country Code IDD Trunk Prefix
Austria 43 00 0
Belgium 32 00 0
Bulgaria 359 00 0
Canada 1 011 1
Croatia 385 00 0
Cyprus 357 00
Denmark 45 00
Estonia 372 00
Finlande 358 00 0
Germany 49 00 0
Greece 30 00
Hungary 36 00 06
Ireland 353 00 0
Italy 39 00
Latvia 371 00
Lithuania 370 00 0
Luxembourg 352 00 0
Malta 356 00
Mexico 52 00 1


The Netherlands 31 00 0
Poland 48 00
Portugal 351 00
Romania 40 00 0
Slovakia 421 00 0
Slovenia 386 00 0
Spain 34 00
Sweden 46 00 0
Switzerland 41 00 0
United Kingdom 44 00 0
USA 1 011 1


Benefits of having a cloud international phone number

An international business exchange is not a trend which would emerge in the recent years. Throughout the history, many countries have been doing business globally, exchanging products or services. The continuous advancements in technology and transportation have brought us globalization and today any company can sell their products and services internationally.

Once business owners decide to export their goods, it is recommendable getting an international phone number from each country we plan to establish trading relations with. So for example, if you want to export to the Romanian market, you can get a virtual phone number Romania that starts with +40 and you can deal with your Romanian clients from your home country. Below we list the reasons why you should get one:


cloud international phone number



  • The company image

If you are trying to establish business activities abroad, having a local (cloud international phone number) helps you develop a trustworthy image since your customers see a local company. This will help you gain their trust.

  • Quality customer service

Businesses owning cloud international phone numbers can offer their clients a more personalized and qualified service since they can answer each call in the language which is the most convenient for the client.

  • Centralised service

You can save finances by aligning your international phone number with your Cloud PBX.

  • Trust

Clients might be distrustful of companies with foreign numbers.

On the other hand, companies proposing cloud international numbers will have more chances to increase their sales. Buying an international number is an easy and economical solution. It is quite surprising that even today there are still some companies which do not own a cloud international phone number despite selling their products and services online.

Do not forget that the best possible way to advertise is making your clients happy. By taking care of your clients you are taking care of your business. So get now your virtual phone number Estonia, Ireland, Germany or any other country you want. 


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