Not many years ago it was almost impossible to separate the personal and professional life, and one of the main reasons for that was the phone numbers. With the appearance of the WhatsApp, we all used to share our phone number, making impossible to distinguish between work, family, friends, etc. For that reason, we were trying to use it exclusively for personal matters, losing the opportunity to use that instant messaging for work matters. But, thanks to the appearance of the new free app Whatsapp Business, and its possible functioning with a cloud number, that problem has disappeared.

You probably are wondering how the cloud number could help you in that situation. To start, we remember you what that number actually is. A cloud number is an ordinary phone number with the particularity of not being attached to any physical device. It also receives the name of cloud number. Thanks to its functioning via the WebRTC technology you will be able to use that number to make and receive calls from a cell phone, computer or tablet.

And what does it have to do with Whatsapp Web? Well, more than you imagine. Besides using it wherever you are since you only need the Internet and having one of the devices we have mentioned before, the cloud number allows you to have a parallel line to your usual phone number to use it for your Whatsapp. That way, you can use your personal number in the traditional Whatsapp for the personal use, at the same time you use the virtual one for the Whatsapp Business for your business activity. And the best of all, you can use both apps on the same device!

Whatsapp developers launched Whatsapp Business only a few months ago, and it is addressed to small and medium enterprises that search for having a second app meant exclusively for work use. Has the same functioning as the traditional Whatsapp, but with a device’s purpose is to show the company’s details, so the clients know who are they talking with.

The Whatsapp Business app is especially useful for simple communication and to solve fast doubts of the clients. Besides, it offers the possibility of establishing a work schedule with different automatized custom messages (for example, the call forwarding due to the cloud number schedule); similarly, you can use the traditional Whatsapp status to show your company’s slogan.

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Benefits of using a cloud number in your Whatsapp Business

  • Efficiency, speed, convenience. For quick inquiries from your clients, you could instantly send messages from the app using your international phone number without the need of calling or meeting them in person.
  • The separation between your personal and professional life. You can have two lines on the same device with the possibility that it rings at the same time. You will be protecting your personal number since your clients will only have access to your professional cloud number.
  • Use it from wherever you want and from any device. Thanks to WebRTC you will be able to use your cloud number no matter where you are since you only need the Internet. It is especially useful for those companies that have employees who not always can stay in the office, or they even travel to other cities or countries. Now they will be able to contact their clients easily from the device they want.
  • It offers business and even international image. Choose a number from your region, or from the country you want, that way you will show a completely professional and international business image. You can, for example, get a US international number and deal with your USA clients no matter where you are.
  • Take advantage of the cloud number’s intelligence.  For traditional calls, you can use main custom greetings, voicemail, queues, call recording, and other features the cloud number make you available.

There are different options for Whatsapp Business accounts. Besides the usual one, the entrepreneurs can choose between the business account, which is the most common one and which allows it easily to become a professional account; the verified business account, which the only difference is that it has a verification badge; the business account with the taken away badge is the one that had been verified and then it lost the badge, and the standard business account that offers the possibility of easy changing from the business to traditional app.

Summary: Whatsapp Business makes available the possibility of keeping a smooth communication between the entrepreneur and client by using the automatization, organization and fast response tools. That allows a more direct connection with the clients making you stand out from your competency thanks to the good customer service.

In addition, using it with a cloud number allows you to protect your traditional number by having two lines at the same time and on the same device. Thanks to that you will no more need to mix your personal and professional life with a single number. Get your cloud number with Fonvirtual and become more efficient in your professional life; both, your clients and your employees will appreciate it to you.

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