A cloud PABX, also called cloud or virtual PBX, is an IP telephony system that uses the data communication network to carry out its functions. Cloud PABX have a lot of calling features that the customers can custom, allowing them to manage all the incoming calls to the telephone number, arrange them and forward the phone calls to other phone numbers, landlines or mobile lines.

If in addition, you use WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication), you will be able to receive incoming calls on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and softphone wherever you are, placing calls from Google Chrome browser.

How does a cloud PABX work?


The cloud PABX manages all the incoming calls to a telephone number and forwards them to the telephone lines or extensions desired, both landlines and mobile lines. Thus, all your clients can call to the telephone number that they associate to your business while all the incoming calls to that number are forwarded to the telephone numbers that you want, no matter where your employees are. In this way, your business can keep its main phone number, known by all your customers, while projecting a professional business image and enjoying all the mobility and flexibility advantages of the call forwarding service. You will miss no call with the help of call forwarding. Besides the call forwarding service, a cloud PBX offers a lot of calling features and services, like call recording, Interactive Voice Response, touch-tone menus, call logging, etc.

Cloud PABX use IP (Internet Protocol) to carry out communication and are able to connect to both VoIP and traditional analogue or digital phone lines.

cloud PABX

What are the advantages of a cloud PABX?


Cloud PABX provides a wide range of benefits and advantages, especially compared to the classic phone pbxs.

  • Mobility and flexibility. Call forwarding to other telephone numbers allows you to answer all the incoming calls wherever you are. No more missed calls!
  • No need to purchase a telephone pbx: Traditional telephone PBXs are expensive devices. Since cloud PBXs are managed using the cloud, you do not need to purchase any physical device. there is no installation nor maintenance necessary.
  • Less maintenance. Physical devices need to be assembled, installed, maintenance and replaced. Since virtual pbxs are managed using the cloud, they need no installation nor maintenance, the service provider takes care of that for you.

All these make cloud PBX the perfect solution for business, allowing them to project a professional company image with all the flexibility, mobility and cost savings advantages at the same time.

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