The fact that being a mother is difficult is unquestionable. In fact there are many who affirm that is the most difficult role in a woman’s life. Aside from this the entrepreneurial world is not easy and in some cases it is even harder being a woman. Therefore being a mother and entrepreneur seems impossible sometimes, but there are solutions like the cloud PBX from home which can help them.

As the famous slogan says “Impossible is nothing”. Nowadays there are tools which makes family conciliation possible and which are indispensable for mothers who are freelancers.

Entrepreneurial mothers need their business image to be professional, in order to gain clients, providers and investors trust. Furthermore nowadays is crucial for business to continuously contact their stakeholders and showing this way a transparency and availability image of the company. The capability or being able to make a fast move is key for the company’s success since nowadays companies are in a very dynamic environment.

Besides, being a mom requires a lot of dedication and spending lots of time in raising their children. Therefore sometimes mothers are forced to make a decision between their career and their personal life as a mother. Those who decide to do both usually have to face two main problems:



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  1. Spending more time at the office: The way their businesses operate requires many hours at the office and handling business calls . All those hours are hours that are not spent with their children.
  2. Family over business: Many women consider being a mother a priority. Therefore they prioritise spending time with their children over their business, what makes their business suffer.


There is a solution, the Cloud PBX from home


Innovative tools that make the family and business conciliation easier have been developed. One of these innovations is the cloud PBX, allowing your company to maintain a professional image at the same time you can enjoy more flexibility and mobility.

The cloud PBX from home offers a wide gamification of possibilities. The cloud PBX from home operates deviating calls realized to the main landline phone number to cell phones lines. This way entrepreneur moms could receive their business calls wherever they are, in their landlines phones at home or in their personal cell phone numbers. Furthermore those businesses that already have a consolidated main contact phone number, the one that everyone associate to your company, won’t be lost on the contrary it would be ported.


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The cloud PBX’s services aren’t meant to bring the office at thome twenty four hours at day, since that would make family conciliation equally difficult. On the contrary the cloud PBX offers you multiple features such as establishing schedules and those calls that aren’t made during the established schedule would automatically go to a voicemail. Furthermore it offers you the call recording option which is extremely useful for those occasions in which entrepreneur mothers are multitasking, since this feature allows reviewing the call’s information whenever.

In order to show a more professional image, there are multiple features such as the recorded messages, call queuing and the possibility of making outcoming calls showing your business number from your personal devices.

Being an entrepreneur mother would never be easy, but the cloud PBX from home service make it easier. Check the cloud PBX services in

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