In today’s online world, most foreign language academies can be completed online. Often times, foreign language professors will teach courses completely remote so students from around the world can learn a new language. So how are they doing this exactly? The answer is a cloud PBX phone system. 


So what is a cloud PBX phone system?


A cloud PBX phone system is a business phone networking system that can be accessed online through a web browser or app. You may customize greetings, agent directories, and communicate globally at a significantly lower cost than traditional phone systems.


With a virtual PBX, professors from the language academy can communicate on the phone from any remote location globally, as long as they have a stable internet connection. When they make calls to a foreign country, they will not be outrageous fees for calling internationally. This is because virtual phone system can make calls to any regular phone through the internet, which costs the same no matter where you are located. 






What are some of the educational benefits? 


With a cloud PBX phone system, professors don’t have to make just calls. They can also create video conferences with their students if they are also a part of the cloud PBX. With video conferencing, students can speak to each other online face-to-face in real-time. They can also collaborate on projects, share files, and share the computer screen. 


With video conferencing, teachers can also teach lessons or tutor in real-time. With a cloud pbx phone system, it is easy to reach other professors in the academy as well as other students. Homework assignments can easily be transferred.


If students have a question on an assignment, or would like to find out more about the particular language school, they can call the school and hear an options menu that will direct them to the department they are looking for. This is all thanks to the cloud PBX phone system.


With the cloud PBX, the language school can customize the menu options. It will allow students to select a language, department, etc. so they may be directed to the correct agent on the other end of the line. They may also listen to the hours of operation, and other information about the school in a customized greeting. 


Learning a new language is no longer restricted to just the classroom. Professors can now work from their home country while teaching the language they are native in to students across the globe. 


With online learning options for foreign language academies, language schools can now benefit substantially thanks to the cloud pbx phone system. Not only does this allow for students and professors to communicate globally, but now collaboration on projects have never been easier. 


What are you waiting for? Let your language school benefit from a cloud PBX phone system today!