Christmas is coming, and the customers are becoming insane about finding a perfect gift. If there is a top day for a massive purchase, this day is Black Friday. And no one wants to miss the big discounts offered by most commerce. Do you own an online business? Then you will have to count indisputably on a cloud PBX provider.

The channel that plays the leading role in this event is online shopping. A notable increase in purchases is expected, in comparison with last year but also the number of business selling online is higher. For this reason, if you want the customers to choose you over your competitors, you should be prepared.

We know that the great competitor of every e-commerce is the giant Amazon, that is becoming more and more interiorized in the consumers’ mind. The users even opt for searching directly on this website instead of on Google. But there is something that Amazon cannot offer, and it is personalized service. For this reasons, it is so important to boost such aspects as the customer service.

Boost customer service

According to the study made by FurstPerson, 77% of customers would not make an online purchase if the customer service were not available. And since during the Black Friday the number of clients who visit your website will multiply, you need organized and efficient customer service to brace this day.

A detail that should not miss on your website is the Chatbot. It is nothing more than a tool that you can add to your page and that allows you to program automatic text replies to the most frequented questions that your clients may ask. Your clients will write their inquiries on the text field, and they will receive an immediate response.  This way you will solve the most frequented doubts your clients may have in a fast and easy way. But not all the questions asked by our customer will be that basic.

Cloud PBX provider features

The best option to answer the more complicated questions is to offer a phone customer service. For it, the best is to look for good cloud PBX providers that offer you a virtual PBX, which allows you to manage the calls. The cloud PBX provider will offer a great variety of features for the virtual PBX which will make your client have a more pleasant experience and, what is more, it facilitates the work of your agents.

  1. Welcome greeting: The cloud PBX provider offers to record a welcome message, what always will give a positive image to your clients since they will see you as a professional and committed company.
  2. Menu options: You will be able to establish menu options where the clients will choose the option that best suits their inquiry and then send them to the most indicated person to answer the question. It allows saving times in calls since it will send the client directly to the right department according to the reason for the call.
  3. Waiting queue: This function is essential for moments like Black Friday when the calls surge. The calls that are impossible to answer because all the agents are busy will be redirected to the waiting queue with the music on hold that will make the waiting time more pleasant. Moreover, you will be able to choose a locution like “All of our agents are currently busy, please, hold the line.”
  4. Statistics: The cloud PBX provider will also offer call statistics that will allow you to see the performance of the calls and study the failures, improvements, and strengths for the next year.

These features and many more will help you at the moment of responding your clients and offer a personalized service that will not only make your clients finish the purchase, but also will create a much stronger relationship between the customer and the company for the future purchases.

Click to Call




Many clients do not call the customer service because they fear it will cost them money. For that reason, we think that the best option is to add another resource to your website as click to call. It works easily. On your page will appear a button where, after clicking on it, your clients, will only have to write their phone number and they will receive a call immediately, or when your agents are free.

As you can see, there are a lot of facilitates to offer to your clients in the customer support service. For that reason, the customers are becoming more and more demanding in this field. But, just like having a well-organized and neat customer service can be an advantage, not counting on these solutions can be a disadvantage, and consequently, a rejection on the part of clients.

Thus, there is no time to waste because the 23rd of November is already here and your e-commerce should be prepared. If you need more information about the cloud PBX provider contact us, and we will offer you the best plan possible according to your necessities.

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