Business telephony solutions do not have to be very expensive, at least not as expensive as you may have already assumed. It also should very accessible contrary to what you may think. There are really a lot of options that you can choose from, but make sure that whatever solution you pick, you do ensure that you are maximizing the use of your virtual or cloud PBX system.

They tend to be a lot cheaper when compared to the On-premise PBX phone systems, they are much easier to function, and they can automatically do the kind of work for which you will usually need to have an IT team on rolls for.


What is VoIP?


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as technology is made use of for making the communication possible over the internet. VoIP phone service works by converting the vibrations of the voice into digital signals that are compressed and then translated into data packets. To put this in simple words, you are going to use the internet in making or receiving phone calls, texts and video calls.


What is a cloud PBX system?


A cloud PBX or virtual PBX is a very powerful telephone system which utilizes any internet connection when compared to a standard telephone service. As its name suggests, it is completely hosted in the cloud. A standard IP PBX system is put to use in transferring the calls from the IP (Internet Protocol) when compared to the old standard and basic public switched telephone network (PSTN). A cloud PBX system can be considered of as a very cost-effective solution since there is absolutely no hardware involved in the process, it is all a virtual system and is hosted completely by the service provider.


cloud pbx system


Why is it so difficult to find information about a cloud PBX system?


If you happen to be a new owner of a business, this may well be the very first time that you have heard of a cloud PBX system. However, if you have been a business owner for a while and you are looking for ways of cutting costs or are just simply interested in a system that is friendlier to the user, we will give you enough information here to help you make your choices.

If you do a general search on google, you will find most links where the companies are more interested in selling you their product and defining their own salient features rather than explain the basics to you on how in general a cloud PBX system works.


Cloud PBX system vs. the traditional PBX system


With cloud PBX systems, there is nothing cast in stone. The system is as flexible as you may it to be, it will do whatever you would like it to do. In order to give you a very useful idea, we shall break it down into the advantages and the disadvantages of the cloud and the traditional PBX phone systems.

# Advantages of using Traditional PBX systems

  • There is no need to rely on a cloud PBX provider’s support, you have your own in-house team


# Advantages of using cloud PBX systems

  • It all comes down to cutting costs, however, there are also a lot of interesting automation, integrations and customizations that make the cloud PBX phone systems worth the investment.


  • You can leave all the dirty work to cloud PBX’s, which makes it simple for any sized business to operate with the same professional feel as that of even the biggest players.


  • Even the minimally technical or literate business manager can customize their own phone system if you are using a cloud PBX.


  • The business can easily turn off and on any of the features through the use of an app on their smartphone, or other devices.


  • The low monthly fees help costs significantly lower by eliminating the need for a large investment on hardware costs, wiring the office, and an IT team.


  • Since the cloud PBX system does not require an expensive hardware installation process to add on new phone lines, businesses can upgrade the platform quickly and easily.


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