The way we communicate today has been changing as a result of the Internet evolution and its infinite possibilities. The majority of business uses online media in order to improve their means of internal or external communication. A decade ago it was unthinkable that one day we would be able to store our documents in a machine without having numerous copies for safety purposes. However, the paper documents, binders and hours spent searching for documents are gone.

The Cloud offers a tremendous potential to organize and store documents without having to fear their loss in case of technology failure. This is the reason why most companies opt for storing their internal documents in the Cloud. However, the Cloud can be even more useful for your enterprise. For example when combining it with a virtual number.
A virtual number is just like any ordinary geographical number but it’s situated in the Cloud, meaning that it’s not connected via cables. Businesses can customize these numbers in order to improve the efficiency of their customer care.

For example it is possible to customize it with personalized welcoming messages, business hours, automated attendant etc. Moreover, it is possible to record the calls and download them, access different types of reports and store all this information in the Cloud.

As you can see, Cloud storage improves both internal and external communication. Now let’s have a look at the best services offering Cloud storage.


cloud storage


Dropbox is the most popular file hosting service. However, it only offers 2GB of free memory storage, which is certainly not enough for any enterprise – no matter how big or small it is. Dropbox is widely used by private individuals since it provides an easy, accessible and safe way of document storing. Moreover, it enables folder sharing with third-parties who also have a Dropbox account.

This is a service provided by Microsoft, which is compatible with all the operating systems (IOS, Android etc). This service is based on combining the Office with the Cloud, which makes it possible to modify and create documents. Previously the users had been offered 15GB of storage for free, which has been lowered to 5GB.  

Google Drive
Another highly recommended Cloud storage service – this time provided by Google. Its functions are similar to those offered by Dropbox and OneDrive, like instant synchronization, content sharing with other users etc. One of its advantages is the free memory of 15GB with unlimited document size.


The market offers many more types of Cloud storage services. Whichever you decide to choose, it is worth considering the flexibility and benefits provided by each and one of them. Fonvirtual offers different cloud services, as the virtual PBX. Inform about it on our page and contact us if you need advise. 


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