Your website is your virtual shop window. It gives you the opportunity to present your products and services to a much bigger audience than you could ever do with a physical shop. However, converting your website users into customers is also a way more difficult task than it is in the natural world. Let’s have a look at some steps that will help you with this process. The most important one is owning a cloud telephone number.

cloud telephone number

  1. An adapted and a well-designed website: Your website is in fact the first impression of your business and your objective is to make the best out of it and attract the highest possible visitor number. Once you catch their attention, you should focus on turning your visitors into leads. The best way to do this is by adapting your web and its content to your targeted market, which has to be preceded by detailed customer analysis.
  2. Create a professional blog: There are numerous advantages to having a professional blog on your web. Producing high-quality content and its continuous updating will help you obtain better positioning on search engines like Google. Regularly producing content improves your activity on social media too, which helps getting more traffic for your website.
  3. Create profiles on social media: Direct sales is not the main goal of being present on social media. It’s more than that. Social media help you create a community of followers who are ready to interact with your brand, share your content and moreover, indirectly attract more customers. It is very important to remember that the information shared on social media has to be aimed at your target audience.
  4. Give them a possibility to contact you: One of your main goals should be creating a clear and user-friendly website so that the users visiting your webpage buy your products or services without having to contact you. However, we know that this is practically impossible and there is always a question about your offer, plans, product and service characteristics. Therefore make sure that the customers who want to contact you always have a way to do it in a simple and quick way. Otherwise they could move over to the competition. A cloud telephone number can help in this a lot. It is an international phone number hosted in the cloud, that doesn´t require any additional devices.
    The best way to ensure this is getting the ‘click to call’ service, which will increase the number of customers who get in touch with you. Click to call is a button added to your website. It is an automated and free process; moreover, very easy to use. All that the visitor/customer has to do is click on the button. It is a creative and interesting way of attracting the visitor’s attention and converting them into customers.


These are a few of the points you should keep in mind when creating your online marketing strategy. Incorporating them in your planning will help you attract the highest possible number of clients. Check out our cloud telephone number list on our website


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