The cold calling is the way to find new clients. It is one of the oldest marketing techniques, and probably the less effective one (well, maybe not counting email marketing). But before we decide to stop doing that, we should think first why it is not working. Maybe, it is not the technique that does not work, but we are doing it wrong. There are some useful tools or services, as the cloud PBX for small business, which can help any company with this issue.

What are the most common errors?

If we want to make our cold callings more effective, first we should know what are our mistakes and what can we improve. Therefore, we present you what are the most common errors at the moment of calling the clients.

Our main goal is to sell

This is the most common error of cold calling. If we really want to sell, first we need to gain the trust of our customers, become their friend, awake their interest. Therefore, if we want more measurable goal, it might be a face to face meeting, an attendance to an event, or a subscription. What really matters is to keep in contact with them. The problem is that we call them when we want to sell, and we should focus on the moment when they want to buy. That is the reason why most of the cold callings, that are focused on selling, do not work. Making available to the lead or prospect a contact number to call you easily and quickly, and that you can attend efficiently, is a solution. The cloud PBX for small business is the perfect solution for these cases.

No segmentation

Another big mistake is calling everyone we can. The same way we do segmentation in other marketing methods, we should do it with a cold calling, if not, we are just wasting our time and money on clients that never will be interested in what we offer them. An even worse mistake that many companies make, is to buy a database with phone numbers of customers that never had been in contact with us, apart of being illegal, it gives a really bad image of us and it does not work at all. 



What should we do?

Making a successful cold calling might be difficult, but not impossible. We give you some tips on how to make it a little bit easier.

Define your client

The very first step you have to take is to define your buyer persona. Think about who your clients are and which person from your contact list, could be really interested in your offer. Once you have it, investigate your client. For example, if you want to call another company, try to get to know everything you can: what is the company’s sector, what benefit they have, who are their competitors, how could they use your product or service, every little detail could be helpful. This way you will show them you know them, and it will be easier for you to show that they need you.

Prepare your introductory phrase

Have you already heard about the elevator pitch? It’s a presentation speech whose goal is to convince an investor in the maximum time of 2 minutes. It does not work only in elevators, you can perfectly use it in your cold calling. Well, not only can do it, you should! Remember that you are not the only busy person in the world. Your clients are not waiting for your call doing anything. You have to compress all the information that might interest them in minimum time possible. Prepare it before calling them. Think about what should you say at the beginning and what is the information that can convince them. But do not say it as if it was a formula you learned by heart. Remember to say it casually, as if you were friends, and do not forget to smile, even if he or she cannot see you, they will notice that.

Prepare you for different scenarios

When you do a cold calling, it is more probable that your client will start to give you hundreds of objections and you should be prepared to handle all of them. Think about all the reasons people have given you to not buy your products or services, and find an answer to them. Having it prepared will help you to be more relaxed, and will avoid unexpected surprises.

As you can see a successful cold calling is a matter of good preparation. And remember that practice makes the master. With every call, you will do it better and better. At we can offer you our service of cloud PBX for small business, which is a virtual PBX that allows you to record all of your callings so you can analyze them and see what could you improve for the next time. And apart, with our great quality of callings, you do not have to worry about any interruption that could give a bad image of your company.  


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