Regardless of whether a company is already well established or is a start-up, communication between coworkers and clients is key. Because of this, it is essential to know how to efficiently manage phone calls and other communication methods throughout the company. With international calling, businesses can communicate quickly without needing to book expensive flights. 

With an increase demand for globalization in business, international calling plays a massive role in companies today. With the correct means of communication, having the ability to connect globally with clients and coworkers will have a massive impact on the success of a growing business.

Business telephone networks are what connect businesses today, providing the tools necessary to speak to clients and establish a company image based on their customer service.

However, with the help of the internet, the concept of communication barriers and borders has been eliminated thanks to globalization. You may ask yourself, what does the internet have to do with phone calls? How can a company’s telephone network and business communications benefit from this?






Since the beginning of time, people have spoken about technology and its evolution. Now more than ever, new technology and how to implement it in the workplace is a topic that has entered the business world as something urgent and necessary. As technology evolves, so do businesses, and it is valuable for companies to keep up.

Business and technology are two concepts that compliment each other and have become inseparable. Businesses need technology to grow and improve their business model as technology becomes more advanced. Technology cannot grow without the demand from businesses to improve a product or service.

Both are equally dependable on each other now that technology and businesses are evolving at innovating at rapid rates.


So what effect does technology have on business communication methods?


Communication is one of the most important factors of a business because it circulates valuable internal and external information across the company.

The role of technology in the workplace has been continuously growing. There has been an increased focus on technological needs and how they can benefit a business. With the help of technology, business communication and transactions become faster, more practical and more efficient when making negotiations that are local or in different countries. International calling over the internet such as VoIP or WebRTC helps provide quick communication methods between businesses and their clients.


¿Why is international calling important when it comes to commercial business activity?


Globalization and technology has allowed companies to become international. By combining the two, there is a higher demand for international calling than ever before.

If international travel is already a massive expense for businesses, why not cut the costs with international calling?

In the last few years, international calling has become a necessary task for most companies, especially when contacting clients.

Being able to call international created the possibility to communicate and work in a much more efficient way now that no physical relocation is necessary to speak with clients in different countries.

For many businesses, the possibility to communicate internationally has created a growth in productivity, has saved time, reduced costs and has increased the possibility to work with other clients or businesses in foreign countries.

These positive impacts are evident across the globe and in the world of international business. With international calling, the costs and issues with time constraints are reduced dramatically. Coworkers and colleagues that are spread out globally can now communicate in an instant. This has revolutionized business practices in a scale larger than ever before.

Time is money in the world of business, which is why many global companies choose to make international calls or video conferences as the best way to communicate. That being said, businesses can now dedicate their time and energy into learning the rules and cultural customs of a country before deciding to travel to visit a client or associate in a foreign country instead.

Looking back just ten years ago, it was impossible to imagine a company, regardless of its size, to not have a landline where international calling was possible. However, there was a huge limitation on international calling as the costs were massive in comparison to local calls. This restricted their international negotiations tremendously in comparison to today.

Luckily, today things are much different. A landline is no longer the only method to make calls and communicate with your foreign coworkers. Other solutions have emerged thanks to technological advancements. The internet alone has provided multiple options to grow and create negotiations in the business world, without charging massive rates. Fonvirtual offers a range of high performance features and tools, such as international virtual phone numbers where you can make calls through a web browser, Click to Speak” buttons you can add to your website so callers may speak to you directly online, and much more. Wait no more and sign up for a virtual international phone number so you can grow your company internationally.


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