How to choose a communication software for ecommerce

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Oct 06

We are aware that the Internet has revolutionized not only our relationships and the way we communicate with the world, but also the way we work. When in 1958, an organization formed by about 200 scientists decided to investigate how to create direct communications between two computers, they did not imagine that they were laying the foundation of what we know today as the Internet. This association, known as ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) did not know that this project would change the world.

Nowadays, it is impossible to think of a company developing any kind of operation without the Internet. Its development has undoubtedly meant a before and after in the way of doing things. And it is precisely this change that has also led us to modify and look for new ways to offer our products. In the wake of the pandemic, many companies have found in selling through the Internet a way to survive the numerous lockdowns that have been happening worldwide in recent months. And they have also found in it an option to expand their borders and make themselves known in other places.

This new sales method is known as ecommerce or electronic commerce. However, although an ecommerce has numerous advantages, one of the great challenges faced by this type of business is to achieve proximity to the consumer. Because the products are offered entirely through the network, users can not physically see the product, causing some doubts that must be resolved quickly. In these cases, having a good customer communications management software to support and accompany them throughout the buying process is essential.

Choosing the right communication software for an ecommerce is not always an easy task, because, although the basis is the same, each ecommerce has different characteristics, just as it happens with physical businesses. In this post we want to help you to know everything that a communication software can offer you in the customer service of your ecommerce so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Keep reading!

What should we take into account when choosing a communication software for ecommerce?

We know that a communication software is a computer program composed of different tools that allows us to efficiently manage our internal and external interactions, whether through voice, message or video.

However, just as not all companies are the same, these systems are not the same either. Each one has different functionalities that are adapted according to the particularities of the business in question. However, they all have a number of common features. When it comes to softwares for an ecommerce, we are talking about:

Possibility of automation

Customer service in ecommerce should be as efficient as possible. Although consumers spend time looking for the best alternatives and pay close attention to product features, they also want quick answers to their questions. This can be achieved through the automation of our communication management software.

Today, just as the Internet changed the world, Artificial Intelligence is producing numerous transformations, especially in the field of business communication. Thanks to the existence of virtual agents (callbots in the case of calls and chatbots in the case of messages) it is possible to reduce customer waiting times. In addition, we will be able to offer a 24-hour service, which is a fundamental element for an ecommerce, since consumers can purchase at any time and, therefore, also require assistance.

In this sense, in the case of an ecommerce, we can use one of these agents to deal with less qualified requests. However, there are more sophisticated systems that are able to accompany and resolve any customer questions without the need for human interaction, unless they do not find the answer, in which case they will transfer it to an agent. However, there are also others that will only be able to resolve those questions that have been previously set, so if there is any variation, they will say: “sorry, I didn’t understand you”.

Thus, the possibility of automation of a communication software for ecommerce becomes a feature that we should definitely take into account when choosing between different options.


Enable integration with other tools

In an ecommerce business, customer relationship management systems, also known as CRM, are essential, as they allow you to keep information in one place, so that all employees can access. This system alone provides a number of benefits for e-commerce. But if we connect it to other business tools, we can increase the benefits of both and take the customer experience to the next level.

Finding a communication management software that allows the integration with a CRM is essential, since we will be able to obtain functionalities such as the automatic lifting of the customer’s file as soon as the contact is made. This way, the agent will know the customer’s information in advance, will be able to solve their doubts easily and, in addition, will modify the data without having to leave the interaction, registering the changes in real time.

Promotes an omnichannel communication

On the other hand, we cannot forget the impact that instant messaging is having on communications, both between individuals and between companies and customers. More and more users prefer to contact businesses through applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Their ease of use is what has made them a preferred communication channel.

In an ecommerce, this trend is even more clear, since, as we said before, users want quick answers to complete the purchase process as soon as possible and solve their doubts without interrupting their activity. However, there are still people who prefer to make a phone call. Thus, it is important that the customer communications management software of our ecommerce allows us to maintain our unified communications on the same platform.


One of the most outstanding features of e-commerce is that it can be managed from anywhere. Thus, the communication software of an ecommerce must also have this particularity.

In this sense, a cloud PBX is the best option. These tools, working through WebRTC technology, allow you to serve your customers from anywhere. The voice travels over the Internet, so you simply need the device you have at the time, with a stable connection.

Possibility to include international numbers

An ecommerce offers the possibility of expanding the borders of the business, so it is possible to sell from and to anywhere in the world. In this sense, even if we have a website in different languages, offering local phone numbers of those countries in which the company operates is key to give a professional company image.

So, the ecommerce software we use to communicate should give you the possibility to include international numbers. Externally, customers from other locations will be encouraged to contact us if they see a known prefix. And internally, employees, no matter where they are, will be able to contact other locations without incurring additional costs.

Adequate internal communication

Finally, in an ecommerce it is very common that workers are not in the same place. Therefore, the best communication software will be the one that incorporates internal communication tools, either through voice, chat or video.

As we said at the beginning, every ecommerce is different, and therefore, so is the communications management software you use. However, as we have just seen, the best will be the one that allows automation, ubiquity, is omnichannel, can be integrated with other tools, includes international numbers and also facilitates internal communication.

At Fonvirtual we offer our virtual PBX, which will make your ecommerce stand out for its customer service. In addition to all these features, we offer a number of customizable features such as voicemail, welcome messages, schedule management… so that the customer experience in your ecommerce is at another level. If you want more information, our team is waiting to answer your questions and adapt the service to your business.

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