Since the appearance of WebRTC, communication systems have evolved and improved drastically. This latest generation technology allows the transmission of information in real time via voice, video and text directly from the browser and without the need for investments or downloads. The flexibility it provides, among other improvements, is what has made most companies seeking excellence opt for real-time communication solutions based on WebRTC technology. In this article we explain you some tips for implementing a real-time communication system.

Starting from the webRTC technology base, there are other factors that we must take into account when we are about to implement the communication system of our company. Diversity of contact channels, possibilities of integration with third-party platforms and the implementation of AI solutions are some of the keys to assess. Live communication offers us the opportunity to retain customers and strengthen our bond with them, but it also brings with it a series of challenges that we must face in the best possible way.

To help you with the implementation of your company’s communication system, we have prepared some tips that we detail below:

Take advantage of the possibilities of integrating the different channels on the same platform

Live communication is the main objective to provide quick answers to users. That is why it is important that all channels are connected and can be managed from the same platform. Thus, we will prevent agents from wasting time switching from one to the other and can resolve their doubts when they need it, without waiting.

In this sense, having a solution to unify all channels communication in which we can integrate various levels of interaction with customers by voice, chat and video, is essential.

Use internal communication


The agent who deals with an interaction is not always the one who can give a response adjusted to the customer’s needs from the beginning. Therefore, live communication also should be reflected in the relationship between employees, so having a communication system that allows them to talk to each other by voice, chat and video is key to good customer service.

Thus, if as we said, an agent receives a conversation that has been previously handled by another colleague, they can ask him in real time and by any of the available means if he is available, thus reducing unnecessary waiting times and increasing the efficiency of our service.

In addition, in the case of the solutions that we offer you at Fonvirtual, you will get other functionalities to encourage real-time collaboration among your team: corporate chat, broadcast groups, status change system…

Check the reports and statistics

It is of vital importance that every live communication system has a support of reports and KPIS on which to be able to report strong points and points of improvement. That is why when choosing your solution you should look for an option that includes the following:

  • Supervision system in real time.It allows us to know the status of the agents, change their status or communicate with them, but also control the status of each call queue, video calls and instant messages.
  • Call recordings and video calls. Having a record of calls and video calls is not only useful to make inquiries in specific cases, but also to check the quality of your company’s service and the level of customer satisfaction.
  • be able to create custom statistical reports to control and have at hand the data that you are most interested in auditing.
  •  Transcripts of the calls with the possibility of translation. For cases in which you want to monitor calls and search for keywords and even for cases in which the conversation has been in a language that we do not control, being able to read it in the language that you want.

Make use of virtual agents

Finally, to face all the challenges that we mentioned at the beginning, we recommend that you make use of Conversational AI systems, such as chatbots and callbots. In fact, these systems offer a solution to each of them:

  • On the one hand, they allow usReduce costs and the need for multiple employees that serve customer interactions at any time of the day. Virtual agents are characterized by responding to customer requests in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • And on the other hand,helps keep agents from being overwhelmed, since they are capable of carrying out the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks for employees in just a few minutes. In addition, they attend to the less qualified interactions, passing on to the agents only those for which they have no response.

Finding a communication solution for the company is an important strategic decision that will mark the future of the company. That’s why we say it’s important to take the time to find and build the best possible system. We hope that with these tips you have been able to focus a little more on the search for your live communication system. Anyway, in Fonvirtual We can offer you a free custom audit. Do not hesitate to contact!

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